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Fall often means back to school and back to work!

If you’re part of the digital nomad community that chooses to study or work on the road, you know how important it is to be well-organized to do so. A comfortable work environment and the right tools allow us to be more efficient and leave more time to explore in your van! Here are some of the best accessories for working on the road.

karolina krupa caméra

A hotspot

The vast majority of digital nomads’ jobs require a good internet connection. How we get internet on the road is one of the most common questions we get and yet the solution is not that complicated.

The first step is to get a good hotspot. If you are going to work on the road regularly, we suggest you avoid sharing your data from your cell phone. In the long run, you will shorten the battery life of your phone and use an unstable connection to work. The trick is to use a hotspot like our MiFi that we always take with us in the van. Just subscribe to a data plan according to your monthly usage (we use MissionLTE) and you’re done!

hotspot mifi - travailler sur la route

Compact mobile printer

Although much of a digital nomad’s work is done online, it’s sometimes useful to be able to print, scan or photocopy documents. That’s why HP’s small and compact mobile printer is the perfect accessory for working on the road!

We like the fact that the printer runs on a battery and therefore does not necessarily require power in the van. Just charge it up before you go on your road trip and you can use it wherever you are. No more detours to Staples to get a simple document printed, now you have the resources you need whenever, wherever.

Small computer stand

Just because we work in a van doesn’t mean we have to be uncomfortable! It’s important to remember to adopt a more ergonomic position when working on the road or at home, so it’s best to equip yourself with a few accessories to avoid back pain.

This foldable computer stand is super easy to store and takes up very little space in the van. Once installed, it’s very sturdy and will hold your computer in place without worry. We also strongly suggest that you carry a small portable keyboard and a computer mouse to optimize your position and allow you to work more comfortably.

support ordinateur portable - working on the road

Portable power station

It’s true that this accessory isn’t necessary for everyone, but if your van doesn’t have a solar electric system, this small portable charging station becomes a must. People who work in a van on the road often do so primarily from their cell phones or computers, making access to power essential to their daily lives.

Jackery charging stations are truly perfect for working on the road. They contain power outlets and USB outputs that will allow you to charge your computer, cell phone, camera, and other electronic devices on a daily basis. The station itself recharges directly into your 12V van socket while you are driving, into a regular outlet if you have an electrical hook up or through solar panels. A simple and essential accessory!

station recharge jackery - travailler sur la route

Wireless noise-cancelling headphones

We know that having headphones is a bit of a staple for any worker’s set up, but we really have a soft spot for those that are wireless with the option to reduce surrounding noise. The fact that they are wireless allows us to move more easily in a small environment like the van without snagging everything in the process. Plus, when you want to stretch your legs a bit and enjoy the outdoors, it’s easy to move around without always having to drag your phone with you.

When we work on the road, we sometimes take the opportunity to spend the afternoon on the waterfront, in a park or in a café. Since these environments are great, but not always quiet, it’s a good idea to have noise-cancelling headphones to help you concentrate.

Foldable camping chair

As long as we live in a van, why not make the most of the spaces and landscapes we come across on the road! It’s not because we’re working that we can’t get some fresh air and that’s why a good camping chair is always handy to have.

When we find ourselves on campsite, it’s often possible to work on a picnic table for a few hours. But when we’re boondocking, it becomes convenient to have a portable, compact and comfortable chair in the van. You can simply unfold it outside to work while enjoying the sun! Truly the best of both worlds.

chaise camping - working on the road