Coworking Bus

Working together, no matter where

The idea

Reinventing remote work and reuniting mobile teams

Having lived full-time on the road for several years, we were always looking for places to work. With the Go-Van team growing, we needed an office to hang out in, just like the nomads we are.

The popularity of remote work is causing the employment world to reinvent itself. Not all companies have offices to accommodate their employees, large rooms to present to their clients, or the budget for expensive rentals with a view. We have the perfect solution that creates a unique work experience and offers an alternative to the classic hotel conference room.

That’s where the idea for the Go-Van Bus came from.

The concept

Traveling bus converted into a mobile workspace for approximately 12 people. Individual and group workstations, lounge and small kitchen. Multiple configurations to suit your needs.


Everything you need to be effective, from anywhere. It’s up to you to choose the place that inspires you.


Who is the coworking bus for?


Employers who want to offer a unique work environment to bring their teams together


Event or festival organizers who are looking for an HQ, a press room, or a mobile workspace

Remote workers

Those who work from home and want to separate their office from their personal environment

Multiple uses and locations

Strategic meeting

Near your office

Additional office space

On the site of your choice


Near an accommodation

Team building

On a glamping site

Outdoor retreat

In a recreation and tourism center

HQ or press room

On your event site

Filming support room

On private property

Team Happy Hour

On a vineyard


Wifi included

Fast and efficient

Air conditioning and heating

3 seasons

USB and 120V sockets

To recharge all your devices

Small kitchen

Refrigerator, running water and coffee machine


For your off grid meetings


Transportation to your site

Outdoor bean bags

Enjoy the fresh air

Exterior awning

Opens up to 20 feet

Want to know more?

Contact us with any questions, requests for details or custom quotes for your project.