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Go-Van Village x Montagne Berryman : a revolution in the lives of digital nomads

Go-Van is about to inaugurate a new chapter in the world of vanlife with the opening of its very first village in June 2025. Located in the heart of the Montagne Berryman developed by Maelström Immobilier, the Go-Van village aims to cater to telecommuters and adventurers dreaming of an experience tailored to their needs. This four-season project promises an unparalleled experience, blending environment, lifestyle, and the passions of its inhabitants. To support this project and take advantage of beneficial contributions, click here.

3D visual of the future Go-Van Village at the Montagne Berryman featuring Go-Boxes, a van, and relaxation areas.

A Different Approach to Camping and Adventure Tourism

The traditional camping no longer adequately serves the rapidly growing market segment of digital nomads, hikers, and weekend adventurers. The Go-Van team has been among the pioneers of this modern movement since 2015 and therefore understands its challenges well. We now seek much more than just a place to pitch a tent or park a van. We aspire to an immersive experience with the environment while having access to services tailored to our dynamic lifestyle. This is precisely where the Go-Van Village stands out.

After visiting several locations across the province, it is in Sainte-Brigitte-de-Laval that this first village will come to life in collaboration with the team behind the magnificent Maelström project in the neighboring municipality. Their new unique recreational tourism project, called Montagne Berryman, is the perfect place to host this project. It combines the expertise of Maelström Immobilier with the adventure spirit of Go-Van. It’s a dream come true!

3D visual in Winter of the future Go-Van Village x Montagne Berryman with Go-Boxes and vans. 4 seasons project.

A True Ecosystem in Itself

The goal is to create a hub for outdoor enthusiasts in an inspiring space where residents can not only rest but also work, socialize, and explore new passions. Phase 1 of this project consists of 15 plots forming the very first Go-Van village. Whether visiting in a tent, camper van, bicycle, motorcycle touring, van life, or RV, every adventurer will find their place. To start, four plots will offer Go-Box cabins and microdwellings with a reception building offering various services for the residents.

The village is located at the gates of Lac-Beauport where several family recreational activities will be offered, making the village a perfect destination for outdoor enthusiasts (cross-country skiing, off-piste skiing, mountain biking, hiking, snowshoeing, etc.). Each plot will be connected to the legendary Sentiers du Moulin by groomed trails.

Project featuring a Go-Box overlooking the waterfront next to a van. Relaxation space where one can rest

Did someone mention Go-Box ?

The original idea behind the Go-Box was to create a functional space for nomads who, like us, were always looking for the best places to telecommute. Since then, the different projects of our clients have allowed us to rethink the Go-Box to expand its possibilities. Now, it is a prefabricated 4-season pods created in Quebec with multifunctional purposes.

Therefore, the Go-Box were an absolute fit for this project to add to some plots, offering useful space to meet the visitor’s needs, throughout all seasons. The Go-Box can serve as a ready-to-camp option, a creative space, a garden office, or an additional room for different adventures. With or without a van, the Go-Box is simply the perfect unit for an immersive nature stay.

3D visual of the futur Go-Van Village x Montagne Berryman with Go-Box, free spaces, a beautiful view of the mountain

A Village Mindful of Its Environmental Impact

Speaking of Go-Box, it’s worth noting that these factory-built units allow for a very low environmental impact installation, thanks to crank jacks. These non-permanent units require no foundation or excavation. They are simply placed on the ground, leaving it intact. Thus, the Go-Box was designed to easily integrate into any natural environment and be removed without leaving a significant footprint. To learn all about their installation, simply check out one of our first Go-Box deliveries to one of our clients.

Location of Montagne Berryman: the perfect spot for this Maelstöm Immobilier project. The forest and landscape are stunning.

As for the residents’ footprint, the services offered in the village will also help avoid resource waste and overconsumption, encourage sharing, and above all, the “leave no trace” lifestyle, which is already extremely strong in this community. The comprehensive on-site service offering also reduces travel, thus reducing visitors’ carbon footprint. This factor is important for Go-Van that has been promoting for several years a nomadic ethical code.

Vans and electric vehicles are a reality not to be forgotten. The necessary facilities will be available on-site to encourage EV owners to also visit the Go-Van Village. Go-Boxes can also be powered by solar panels and a battery system.

3D visual of the futur Go-Van Village with Go-Box and relaxation areas by the water's edge in the heart of Montagne Berryman

Rewards That Pay Off

Building a village is not done alone! That’s why a campaign to finance this beautiful project is currently underway. Thanks to the support of the Horizons d’ici Fund and La Ruche, for every dollar raised, the fund adds a dollar. The amount raised will, among other things, allow for the implementation of Deluxe Go-Box units as well as accessible common spaces in harmony with nature, fostering exchanges within the local community.

But what could be better than supporting our cause while benefiting from special offers designed especially for you, such as draws, mystery baskets, exclusive offers, and much more? We always have you in mind. Discover our partners such as Bromont Campervan, Taiga Board, and many others on our campaign right here.

Contribute to creating an exceptional environment for a growing community now! It’s a new era in tourism that’s about to begin. Will you be a part of it?

Picture of the site of the futur Go-Van Village at the Montagne Berryman at Sainte-Brigitte-de-Laval