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500 vans gathered on the first weekend of September for this sixth edition of El Campo!

Once again this year, we broke all our records with more than 1500 vanlifers at the Domaine du radar. As usual, the weekend was filled with new encounters, laughter, dance moves and unforgettable memories. We’ll be riding this huge El Campo 2022 high until next season for sure!

équipe go-van

Our biggest edition ever

More people than ever joined us this year for El Campo 2022. It’s so exciting to see more and more vanlifers making their way to the Domaine du radar and joining this incredible community that we love. Vanlife legends meeting new nomads, young and old exchanging with each other, there are no limits when you gather so many beautiful and passionate people. On top of that, Mother Nature was finally kind to us this year by offering us warm and sunny days! It was amazing to see people jumping in the lake, sliding on tubes, starting their day with yoga or a workout, participating in the horseshoe tournament, and then ending the day by dancing until the wee hours of the morning.

domaine du radar el campovans lac el campo

A Gathering for the Community

For El Campo 2022, we decided to double the number of exhibitors on site in order to create even more encounters between vanlifers and local businesses! Several conversion, van accessory, clothing, and decoration companies were there to share their expertise and unique products. It’s thanks to them and our partners that El Campo is now at its sixth edition, we’re pretty lucky to be so well surrounded.

exposants original vibes et nomad van

Photos: Pascale Anctil

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esposants to the sea et coast 95

Photos: Pascale Anctil

This year, Romeo’s gin provided a festive atmosphere throughout the weekend. At El Campo, there’s nothing wrong with starting the day with a little non-alcoholic gin and tonic and ending the night with a Spritz to celebrate! For us, all that matters is that everyone we meet has a smile.

vanlifers el campo go-vangroupe de vanlifers

Of course, meeting the people who are part of our great community is always the best part of our weekend. We love discovering your vans and your setups, hearing your road stories, and having a beer (or something a little stronger) with you! Many friendships have been made over the years at El Campo and we wouldn’t trade these moments for anything. Without you, who follow us throughout our adventures, we wouldn’t be able to spend our weeks doing what we love, so thank you for joining us in our craziness!

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The importance of meeting  nomad people

Our sixth edition of El Campo made us realize how important this kind of event is for the vanlife community. Traveling or living in a van offers a great feeling of freedom, but sometimes we can feel a bit isolated from the rest of the world with our daily nomadic life. So van gatherings are vital for the community spirit and the sustainability of the vanlife movement. For some people, El Campo is an annual meeting where they have the chance to spend time with their friends on the road. For others, it’s the beginning of new connections with similar people. Either way, the encounters are true, authentic, and often last a lifetime.

campeurs avec leurs campervanscampeurs heureuxrencontres vanlifers

Fortunately, we always find a good reason to celebrate together! This year, we offered you more entertainment than ever on the Mixbus stage with the “Chaise Pliante” comedy tour, a sunset show with Pilou, an electrifying performance by Qualité Motel, and even a hidden show by Anthony Roberge in the forest clearing! It’s been a dream for years to use this space in the forest to create a really special moment and we can say that it’s mission accomplished.

foule devant spectacle mixbusmixbus el campo 2022

We still can’t believe all the love and good vibes we received throughout this sixth edition. It’s because of you that we continue to find the energy to make vanlife shine all year long. Our community is filled with warm and inspiring people, how lucky are we! We can’t wait for El Campo 2023, see you next year!

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