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We’re ready for the 2024 season!

Every new year brings new trends, and the vanlife movement has been constantly evolving and adapting to new realities on the road all around the world. If you’re curious about the latest vanlife trends, here are five to watch out for in 2024.

Sprinter go-van safari condo

The mini SUV vanlife

Recent years have shown just how ingenious and diverse vanlife can be. Once known mainly for the Westfalia, the movement has expanded to include more converted vehicles. After Venturas, Econolines, cargo vans and minivans, it’s time for SUVs in vanlife trends!

We love the idea of being able to convert your everyday vehicle into an optimized space for weekend adventures. Some people simply add an air mattress or two and a few lights, while others have created custom platforms for their SUVs or acquired a roof tent. All that’s left to do is add a few accessories to optimize space, and you’re all set!

mini vanlife couple vus

Protect your space and Leave no trace

If you have been a vanlifer for some time, you are probably familiar with the “leave no trace” philosophy. This principle is at the core of the vanlife movement and encourages us to enjoy natural environments while ensuring that we always clean up after ourselves and leave the place even cleaner than we found it.

However, we can take our environmental concerns a step further with “protect your space”. As van travel often involves the consumption of petrol or diesel, which have a significant impact on the environment, we encourage all vanlifers to offset their emissions with Carbone Boréal. The process only takes a few minutes and allows you to double your contribution for future generations. This small and simple gesture aligns perfectly with our community’s values and helps us to ensure that we preserve our natural environment for future generations.

homme devant cours d'eau au Yukon

Local vanlife

It’s great to explore the entire country or discover the American states, but sometimes it’s fun to opt for “slow tourism” by staying in Quebec and touring its regions. This is especially useful for weekenders who try to hit the roads as soon as their schedules allow. Thankfully, numerous discovery routes showcase the best of what Quebec has to offer.

With more vans on the road than ever, their presence has many positive effects. More vanlifers are now actively encouraging local businesses to give back to the places that welcome them. They choose to spend the night at a producer’s home with the Go-Van.CLUB or explore their products with the BonApp passport, which is a great way to support local producers!

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Electric vans

Electric vans are finally here, and they’re one of the vanlife trends to watch! Mercedes-Benz’s eSprinter and Volkswagen’s electric version of its iconic Westfalia, the ID.Buzz, are among the most noteworthy models.

Some rental companies, like Bromont Campervan, offer electric vans for road trips, such as the Ford e-Transit with a range of 200 kilometers. However, using electric vans requires some adjustments, but we are working on making it more convenient for you. We’re excited to announce a new electric road on Go-Van.CLUB, which will be available in the 2024 season.

vans électriques trends vanlife

Family vanlife

Vanlife is a lifestyle that evolves with time and change. Almost nine years ago, Julien embarked on a journey of freedom and discovery in his Ventura. After a few years, Karo joined him in his Sprinter, and since 2021, their family has grown with little Zak being part of the adventure.

It’s no coincidence that we are seeing more families on the road. It’s entirely possible to adapt vanlife to a family lifestyle, and with the right equipment, there’s something for everyone. Whether you prefer to convert a bus to accommodate everyone or optimize the space of a Transit ingeniously, there are countless ways to go on a family road trip. We guarantee that there is nothing more precious than rediscovering the world through your child’s eyes.

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