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Vanlife and Mobile Internet Without Compromise

As summer approaches, the spirit of vanlifers awakens. The warm season brings a wave of excitement to our nomadic community : the time to embark on an adventure has finally arrived. After all, when the call of the road is heard, it must be answered! Fortunately, whether for short or long road trips, some compromises are no longer necessary… This is the case with a good internet connection! Thanks to Mission LTE and their cutting-edge technology, mobile internet has never been easier. Whether for browsing the web, staying in touch with loved ones, or working remotely in telecommuting mode, Mission LTE takes the lead in the market and ensures an uncompromising experience.

Mobile connection router to enable unlimited internet access directly from your phone no matter where you are in a van, even on the beach.

Mission LTE : Their Service and Products

Mission LTE is a Quebec-based company that has specialized in providing internet services to campers and telecommuters for nearly six years. Born from the parent company Équi-Tel, which operates in IP telephony, Mission LTE arose from a growing need for a quality internet connection outside the home.

“We want to meet the needs of those looking for the internet comfort they have at home – to engage in the same activities they are used to – but from anywhere,” explains Kim Lavoie, president of Mission LTE. Their products target digital nomads as well as anyone in need of a reliable connection to stay connected or work remotely.

Finding a mobile connection has never been easier with the Mission LTE router.

“We offer a diverse range of products that differentiate us from the market, with our prepaid products that have no expiration dates in Canada, and also with our Canada/US/Mexico packages that allow people to travel seasonally or spontaneously through these destinations,” explains Maxime Hovington, supervisor and administrative technician at Mission LTE.

Indeed, when examining the solutions available to vanlifers, one quickly realizes that nothing matches the flexibility of Mission LTE. For example, the Canada package offers a no-expiry option, meaning a traveler who doesn’t fully consume their data block can use it on their next escapade. Mission LTE is one of the few Canadian companies to offer such a product and service.

Mobile connection router to enable unlimited internet access no matter where you are in a van.

It is also important to highlight the ease of use of their product. The operation is remarkably simple : a router, which does not need to be permanently installed, is first placed inside the van. Then simply connect with the provided password. Everything is pre-configured by Mission LTE, which also offers exceptional technical support in French for any assistance needed. “We want to remove layers of complexity. Users receive a ‘plug and play’ solution. They just need to tell us the date they want their plan to start, and we take care of the rest. It’s as simple as that,” says Kim.

Clearly, customer service is a priority for the company. They have technicians available by email in case of emergencies, as well as employees dedicated specifically to technical support. A precious commodity!

Easy to telecommute from your van with the Mission LTE mobile connection router.

Internet : Satellite VS Mobile

Why choose mobile internet over satellite? First, it’s important to know that these are two very different technologies. “The advantage with mobile is that you can easily move around without losing connection, whereas with satellite, you’ll need to invest in equipment that is much more expensive to achieve the same result,” explains Maxime. Not to mention that satellite service monthly fees are significantly higher than with cellular. “The only advantage with satellite is that in really remote areas where there is no cellular signal, the satellite will work while the mobile won’t. Besides that, our mobile service is always in a better position.” So, for the average consumer, mobile internet unequivocally emerges as the preferred solution!

Mobile connection router to enable unlimited internet access no matter where you are in a van.

Safari Condo X Mission LTE

Finally, to our great delight, a partnership has been forged between two of our favorite companies : Mission LTE and Safari Condo. “The idea is that Safari Condo will provide the equipment within the camper, and on our side, we will sell a plan tailored to the customer’s needs,” explains Kim, reiterating their excitement to do business with another Quebec-based company and to see a partnership like this come to life. This is a promising collaboration that will begin next fall with Safari Condo’s upcoming models.

In conclusion, Mission LTE is much more than just an internet service. It is a trusted partner for those seeking to stay connected and productive during their van adventures, offering personalized services and an exceptional customer experience. Thanks to Mission LTE, we can answer the call of the road without compromise, no matter where the adventure takes us!