Think Inside the Box

The idea

For digital nomads and nature lovers

Having lived on the road full-time for several years, we were always looking for places to work remotely. A coffee shop is good, but a Go-Box in the wild is better!

The popularity of working from home or remotely is forcing the employment world to reinvent itself. This new ecosystem requires certain adjustments in order to optimize the balance between one’s professional and personal life. We have the perfect solution for people that want to be concentrated at work while staying close to home, on their property or near their favorite activities.

This is where the idea for the Go-Box came from.

The concept

Non-permanent units made in Quebec to provide a functional and comfortable remote work space, regardless of the season, in a natural or urban environment.


For digital nomads teleworkers companies who want to reinvent their workspace

Who is the Go-Box for?


Employers who want to provide a positive work environment for their employees


Those who live on the road or have a lifestyle that does not allow for office space at home


Those who work from home and want to distinguish their office from their personal environment



110V - 15A

Heat pump


Air exchanger

Humidity control



Electrical outlets

Interior and exterior


4 seasons

Solar pannels

200W portable option with the off grid model

Lithium battery

Volthium 200AH option with the off grid model


Small signature format

9'x14' | from 49 000$ + tax

Big signature format

9'x 20' | from 59 000$ + tax

Customized format

Available upon request

Durable materials

High quality sheet metal and wood


Large windows to maximize natural light

Easy and fast delivery

With a trailer or a crane

Basic permit

No excavation required due to hand-cranked jacks

Separate sanitary block

Option coming soon

Want to learn more?

Contact us with any questions, requests for details or custom quotes for your project.