Think Inside the Box

The idea

For creative minds and nature lovers

Our initial vision for the Go-Box was to provide a practical workspace for nomads like ourselves who are constantly seeking the perfect remote working environment.

Since then, ideas and projects from our clientele have enabled us to reimagine the Go-Box and broaden its possibilities. As a result, we’re proud to now offer three models that can be customized to fit your unique lifestyle

Experience the Go-Box, designed and crafted in Quebec, tailored to your needs.

The concept

Non-permanent units made in Quebec to provide a functional and comfortable space, regardless of the season, in a natural or urban environment.


For tourism projects creative entrepreneurs digital nomads who are looking for a personalized space

Who is the Go-Box for?


For campsites and tourist estates wishing to add a new type of accommodation for their clientele, whether custom-built or ready-to-use.

Creative space

For entrepreneurs, artists or businesses looking for additional four-season space to suit their needs.

Garden office

For those remote workers who want to add a new living and working space to their environment.



110V - 15A

Heat pump


Air exchanger

Humidity control



Electrical outlets

Interior and exterior


4 seasons

Solar pannels

200W portable option with the off grid model

Lithium battery

Volthium 200AH option with the off grid model


Small signature model

9'x14' | from 58 000$ + tax

Big signature model

9'x 20' | from 68 000$ + tax

Deluxe format

10'x24' with toilet |
from $110 000 + taxes

Customized format

Available upon request

Durable materials

High quality sheet metal and wood


Large windows to maximize natural light

Easy and fast delivery

With a trailer or a crane

Basic permit

No excavation required due to hand-cranked jacks

Want to learn more?

Contact us with any questions, requests for details or custom quotes for your project.