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The most festive and enjoyable time of the year is finally back!

Whether you’re looking for gift ideas for your little sister who lives on the road or for your father-in-law who just bought a van for retirement, we’ve got you covered! So here’s our list of 20 essential vanlife accessories to give this year.

vanlife yukon

Less than $25

Van stickers

It’s a classic now, but vanlifers love to decorate their van with stickers that remind them of life on the road! Some tourist regions have their own emblem to stick on, while our Go-Van store is full of illustrations for all tastes.

autocollants go-van

Waterproof Dry Bag

It’s a well known fact that vanlifers love to go hunting for the most beautiful lakes and waterways when they are on the road. Whether it’s surfing, paddle boarding or just swimming, a waterproof bag is a must to keep all your gear dry! This 3-in-1 model comes with a large bag that can be worn as a backpack, a small pouch and a cell phone case. There’s nothing better to document your adventures without fear of dropping your devices in the water.

sac étanche 3 en 1 - accessoires vanlife

Road trip notebook

Life on the road comes with its share of adventures and memories that we don’t want to forget! That’s why a small road trip notebook is essential to write down our most beautiful stories and get the contact information of other nomads crossed on the road to stay in touch.

cahier notes go-van - essential vanlife accessories

A set of biodegradable products for the shower

Our friends at Savonnerie Diligence have thought of everything! This little traveler’s kit packed in a Demain Demain bag comes with a bar of soap and its box, a lip balm, and a salve. As all these products are biodegradable, they are part of the essential vanlife accessories that will help to leave no trace on the road.

ensemble douche voyageur

A pair of socks

A classic Christmas gift! We have to admit that a pair of socks is practical and always nice to receive. Plus, our Go-Van socks feature the word “vanlife”, a perfect gift for those who are in love with this beautiful community and lifestyle. Available in three colors, there is something for everyone.

bas go-van - essential vanlife accessories

From 25$ to 50$

A foldable toilet

A simple and effective solution for people who don’t have a toilet in their van! This small folding seat is easily stored in its carrying bag and can also be used as a small bench or a trash can. Once the time comes, you just have to unfold the toilet outside (with a small tent for more privacy), insert a bag and that’s it!

toilette pliante - accessoires vanlife

An Omnia accessory

If your friend, father or sister already has an Omnia oven for their van, why not give them one of the accessories that make cooking easier! Omnia recipe book, thermometer, storage case or bag, silicone or aluminum baking pan, there’s everything you need for easy van cooking.

omnia four pour van go-van - essential vanlife accessories

Multicolored beanie

Beanie season is officially underway! Our new collection of Go-Van beanies is perfect for the nature enthusiast or for vanlifers with greasy hair after a few days without a shower on the road!

tuques go-van - essential vanlife accessories

Camera strap

Why not add a little color to your camera kit! This nylon-reinforced strap will certainly hold any camera for years to come. The length of the strap is adjustable and the small removable clips at the end make it easy to remove the strap. Plus, it comes with a lifetime warranty!

sangle nocs provision

Compact kitchen set

Those with smaller van models really need to choose their essential vanlife accessories based on their space. So this compact kitchen set is perfect for them! This two-person kit includes a pot, frying pan, kettle, utensils, two cups, and two plates. All pieces stack together and fit easily into the carry bag.

ensemble cuisine compacte - accessoires vanlife

From 51$ to 100$


The ideal multi-functional accessory for vanlifers! The Go-Dry is a portable hanging rack that attaches securely to the inside or outside of a van with suction cups. It’s perfect for drying bathing suits, clothes, dish towels, and can even be used to store kitchen or shower accessories.

go-dry go-van - essential vanlife accessories

Small portable vacuum cleaner

When you spend a lot of time in your van, your little space quickly becomes full of dust and dirt. So why not give a small portable vacuum cleaner to your favorite vanlifer! A simple but effective gift that will certainly come in handy every day.

aspirateur portatif - accessoires vanlife

Mini projector

Movie nights are also possible on the road! With this small portable projector, it’s easy to watch a movie inside the van by projecting onto a white sheet, or even outside directly on the surface of the van. The projector is compatible with most portable devices, so all that’s missing is the popcorn for a great night of entertainment.

mini projecteur usb bluethoot

Portable washing machine

It’s amazing how vanlife accessories for travelers have exploded in the last few years! Imagine, it’s now possible to have in your van a hand wash bag or a foldable and portable mini washing machine. The second option requires power while the first one can be used anywhere, anytime. Super convenient when the stock of socks starts to get low!

lavage portatif - accessoires vanlife

Portable and adjustable desk

When you work on the road, it’s always nice to be able to vary your workstations from day to day or even throughout the day. That’s why this little desk is so handy as it provides an extra surface, no matter the location. To work directly in bed or standing outside, it is one of the essential vanlife accessories for digital nomads.

bureau ajustable nomade numérique - accessoires vanlife

More than 100$

A napsack

Our favorite accessory of the year. The Poler napsack is a sleeping bag that can be worn with shoulder zippers for your arms and a bottom opening for your feet. You can throw it on for an evening around the campfire, go straight into to bed, and then stay warm during your morning coffee without ever having to take it off. The best camping invention since the smores!

napsack go-van - essential vanlife accessories

Portable fire pit

When we spend our day on the road, it’s always nice to end the evening by the fire. But since we don’t always camp at a campsite with a designated campfire area, it’s handy to have a small portable fire pit! This stainless steel accessory will allow your favorite adventurer to enjoy the warmth of a fire all year round.

pit à feu portatif - accessoires vanlife


One of the essential vanlife accessories for getting off the beaten path! Whether a van is stuck in snow, mud or sand, simply slide the GoTreads under the wheels to get back on the road! Since they fold and stack, they can also be used as blocks to even out and level the van for the night, a handy two-in-one!

go-treads go-van

Nocs Binoculars

Is it a whale? A seal? No, it’s an eagle! With Nocs binoculars, it’s impossible to miss the most beautiful animals you see on the road. Whether on the sea or in the air, the monoculars and binoculars allow a bright and wide field of vision to discover the nature that surrounds us with a new eye.

jumelles nocs provision go-van - essential vanlife accessories

Small portable heater

Not all vans are equipped with a proper heating system, so a small portable heater is always handy to stretch the season into fall or spring! Simply add a small propane bottle to fill your van with heat for the night. An inexpensive and effective solution that is great as a gift.

chaufferette portative - accessoires vanlife