Giving back

Giving back to support organizations sharing our sustainable values


Making a gesture for our community

We love being part of a vibrant and respectful community like #vanlife. As we want to be able to enjoy this life on the road with you as long as possible, it is important for us to take concrete action by giving back to groups and organizations that do good around us. We all enjoy national parks, use free mobile apps telling us where to camp and we all have an impact on the environment as soon as our engines are running. We want to give back and find the right balance between all of of this. This is why we are commited to give back 1% of the online sales from our store to selected groups and organization sharing our values. Thank you for your support.

Our commitment

With each order you place on our store, we will give back 1% of sales to an organization close to our heart.

We partner with a new organization every 4 months and we’ll present their mission and actions. Our goal is to contribute to the activities of these organizations while giving back to various causes. You can see the current cause and the history of the organisms below.

Current cause

Join the movement to reassess reduce balance the role of screens in our daily lives

Fondaction Le CIEL aims to engage people in a dialogue regarding the effects of screens on their overall health and well-being.

Past causes

A little bit of what we’ve done in the past to support multiple causes.