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There are moments in our lives that we never want to forget.

They include those big projects we’ve longed for, whose completion marks the realization of a dream. Undoubtedly, these chapters in our lives deserve to be immortalized. Last September, we had the privilege to take part in a special project: – delivering one of our Go-Box to a customer’s home. After months of preparation, the time had come to turn this long-held vision into reality. Let us take you through our Go-Box delivery captured by our brand-new VOSKER off-grid security camera.

go-van go-box delivery

The beginning of the project: the dream

It all started with a project that went way beyond our expectations. The idea behind the Go-Box was to create a practical space for people like us who are constantly looking for the best places to work remotely. One of the most exciting things about the Go-Box is its versatility. We are delighted to discover the many unique ways it can be customized. Each customer can create a space that faithfully reflects his or her preferences and lifestyle. Every detail is planned and designed to meet the customer’s specific needs. In our opinion, this is the most thrilling part of the project: discovering the range of possibilities offered by our Go-Box.

Our customer is a skilled potter and artist who plans to turn the Go-Box into a pottery studio and boutique. The Go-Box will be conveniently located near her home in the scenic Brome Lake area of Eastern Townships, providing an ideal setting for her new project. As her dream took shape, our excitement also grew, and we eagerly anticipated the delivery.

Go-Box delivery go-van

Preparing for delivery: the anticipation

The day before delivery, Karo and her team are filled with excitement and already working diligently. They meticulously check every detail to ensure that everything is in order. The customer has already prepared the designated space for the Go-Box, which further solidifies the project’s reality. Words cannot describe the emotions felt at this moment, and everyone eagerly anticipates the delivery.

This is also when the VOSKER V300 Ultimate camera comes into play. By installing the camera at the delivery site the day before, Karo can monitor the delivery area remotely and in real time. This ensures that every detail is ready for the big day! It’s not only reassuring but also helps to prepare for any unexpected events. Fortunately, you don’t have to worry about charging the battery: the camera has an integrated solar panel that ensures great energy autonomy… A real asset during an event like the delivery of a Go-Box, where, let’s face it, every moment counts.

go-box getting delivered with a cranego-box getting delivered with a crane

Delivery day: when the magic happens

The long-awaited day for the Go-Box delivery has finally arrived. The Go-Box is ready for its new destination! The day is rainy and cold, but our excitement warms us up and creates a festive atmosphere.

Fortunately, Go-Box units are designed to be easily moved: we want them to fit into any environment. However, this delivery requires additional logistics: we have to use a crane to place the Go-Box in the right spot on the site. This is a first! Our last deliveries were carried out simply using a trailer. The team is ready to take on a new challenge. Karo reminds us that she will handle the entire Go-Box delivery to free up the customer’s mind so she can fully enjoy the moment.

In this situation, we couldn’t be happier to have used the VOSKER off-grid camera to capture the moment. Carefully and strategically installed, it captured every step of the day. Every moment, from preparation to moving the crane, then passing the Go-Box over the house (oh yes!), and setting down on the ground was captured and immortalized. We also got the smiles of the people present, the applause, and even Julien, who was on the road on the other side of the country, could keep a close eye on the delivery using Live View mode.

The delivery day ended on a high note. The Go-Box is firmly in place and blends in perfectly with its new surroundings. We’d like to sincerely thank our customer for her trust. We couldn’t be more excited about discovering her new boutique and creative space. Who knows, maybe we’ll have the pleasure of meeting up in one of her pottery classes! We certainly wish her all the best in this new adventure.