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Get out the tree and the sparkling lights, Christmas is just around the corner!

Whether you’re with your family or on the road for the holidays, it’s a great time to give a little something to the people you love. Here are some suggestions for the best vanlife gift to bring joy to the nomads in your life.

julien karolina go-van

For those courageous enough to brave winter

A wearable sleeping bag

There’s nothing more difficult than getting out of your sleeping bag in the morning when the days aget colder. Fortunately, this sleeping bag solves this problem! With its arm and leg openings, you can wear it absolutely anywhere. The perfect vanlife gift for those who would spend the day in bed!

wearable sleeping bag vanlife gift


Glerups slippers

These are perfect for that one person’s feet that always get cold. Their sheep’s wool boot keeps the foot warm while their leather sole cuts the cold from the van floor. We’ve had them for years and wouldn’t trade them for anything!

pantoufles glerups cadeau vanlife

A colorful blanket

We love a good vanlife gift that has more than one function! Our blankets can be used as a warmer layer for sleeping, a picnic cloth or a decorative accessory in the van. We even have friends who add a patch to the blanket for each new national park they visit on the road, a great souvenir they will keep for a long time.

go-van blanket cadeau vanlife

Coffee accessories

What could be more comforting than making a cup of coffee to warm up the van in the morning? There are a multitude of small accessories that are easy to carry and simple to use. With a manual grinder, a gooseneck kettle, a V60 set or a small moka coffee maker and a milk frother, there’s everything you need to start your day with a delicious cup of coffee.

cadeaux vanlife café

The comfy combo to stay warm

Just because you live in a van doesn’t mean you have to give up comfort – quite the opposite! This set, containing a pair of socks, jogging pants and a Go-Van beanie of your choice, is ideal for staying comfortable and warm in the off-season. Just a word of caution: once you put this kit on, you never want to take it off!

tuques go-van cadeau vanlife

For outdoor enthusiasts

A pee funnel

Once you’ve tried it, you can’t live without it. No one likes to have to find a secluded spot and squat in hopes of not splashing their pants. Well this funnel allows girls to go to the bathroom standing up, anywhere! It’s super easy to carry and clean and comes with a pouch for a little more discretion.

pee funnel woman

An unbreakable mug

This may be the last water bottle you ever buy! This indestructible mug can withstand any adventure. Whether you drop it on a rock on top of a mountain or at the bottom of your van while having a drink on the roof, it will stay intact and keep your drinks cold or hot, depending on your taste. Its 100% waterproof lid allows you to carry it absolutely everywhere.

unbreakable mug

Small, practical and comfortable chairs

Living in a van also means learning to organize your life with very little storage space. That’s why these little folding camping chairs are absolutely perfect for the road! Once stored in their shoulder bag, they can be carried everywhere and easily stored under a seat or in a small corner closet. Having tested them, we can confirm that they are light, sturdy and comfortable at the same time.

chaise nice c cadeau vanlife


A hanger to dry everything you need

Never again look for a place to dry your wetsuit, towel or bathing suit with these GoDry hangers! This removable accessory attaches securely to your van with powerful suction cups and even allows you to hang your pans, pots and shower accessories so they’re always within reach.

support séchage godry

A national park pass

It’s not a myth: vanlifers are often great lovers of national parks! We love these wide open spaces for long hikes or to get a breath of fresh air while spending the night, we. Both Canada and US national parks have an annual pass you can use to get in any of their park year round, a great gift for those who love to play outdoors.

vanlife joshua tree

For digital nomads

A portable charging station

This vanlife gift is a bit more expensive, but definitely essential for vanlifers who work on the road but don’t have an electrical system in their van. This portable station allows you to charge your devices (cell phone, computer, camera…) no matter where you are in nature! Plus, the battery itself charges directly into your van’s cigarette lighter when you’re on the road for long hours.

jackery portable power station

A durable cel lphone case

When you work on the road, your computer and cell phone become your main work tools! It’s important to protect them as you carry them around. Shock, scratch and water resistant, Nomad cases protect many types of electronic devices in a stylish way. Plus, they’re compatible with wireless charging systems – genius!

nomad étuis pour cellulaire cadeau vanlife

Noise cancelling headphones

When you’re working remotely on the road, you don’t often come across quiet places where it’s easy to work, which is why we always suggest having a pair of noise cancelling headphones in the van! This model allows you to concentrate, regardless of the ambient noise and to be more efficient despite the conversations or music around you.

écouteurs sony noise cancelCell phone accessories

These accessories were really designed for professionals on the road. Whether it’s having the map always accessible on the dashboard, attaching your cell phone anywhere in the van to go hands-free during a video conference or charging your computer during long trips, Scosche products are versatile, adaptable and reliable for all devices.

scosche govan

A light and solar recharge

A two-in-one accessory that folds up and stores easily, it’s the perfect vanlife gift right? This LuminAID solar lamp serves as both a light for those long days at work and a phone charger without ever needing batteries. Plus, this lantern is foldable, waterproof, floats on water and provides over ten hours of light to take anywhere.

luminaid packlite chargeur

For the Gordon Ramsay of the road

An Omnia oven

Who said it was impossible to have an oven in a van! This Omnia model is super easy to use and fits directly on a burner stove. The complete kit comes with the baking rack, silicone pan and muffin pan! Add the recipe book get inspired and start cooking!

four omnia go-van

A portable camping table

Small and lightweight, this aluminum folding table is ideal for boondocking nights without an outdoor table. Easy to store, it sets up in seconds and provides a reliable surface for cooking anywhere! It can also be used as a coffee table or a tasting tray for aperitifs, we love it!

trekkology table pliante cadeau vanlife

A set of good knives

There’s nothing worse than cooking with dull knives! It’s not because you’re cooking in your van or outside that it needs to be complicated. With this set of shar knives, you can make the best dishes withtout breaking your back. The each come with a blade gards that makes them easier and safer to store.

knive set vanlife gift

A cast iron dutch oven

One of our favorite accessories when cooking outside the van! This dutch oven allows you to cook directly on the hot coals of a fire thanks to its little built-in legs. Whether it’s for slow roasting a piece of meat or for making the perfect omelet, we love this sturdy and efficient model, a vanlife gift made to last!

marmite en fonte feu

Bags for all occasions

Even on the road, it’s super important to be mindful of our ecological impact and minimize the waste we produce. These bags are perfect for stocking up at a bulk grocery store or picking up some fresh veggies at the market! The duo of women behind Dans le sac also offers a book to help adopt a more sustainable lifestyle, a must for the leave no trace community.

dans le sac

The little extras

A portable speaker

The perfect accessory to get your DJ skills going no matter where you are! This Bluetooth speaker has an impressive sound for such a small size with bass that will get you moving! Since it’s super weatherproof, it’s great for setting the mood whether you’re at the beach, in the woods or in the rain.

anker bluethoot speaker

A road trip notebook

The thing we love most about vanlife is that every new day on the open road leads to a new memory. Be sure to note everything down and remember these stories forever with this perfect travel notebook! Create your own destination bucket list, keep in touch with new friends and markdown every place you parked in with this small but valuable accessory.

go-van road trip notebook vanlife gift

A polaroid printer

There’s no better way to create instant memories on the road. Plus, with this little portable printer, there’s no need to lug a second polaroid camera along on your adventures. Simply connect to your phone via Bluetooth to print any photo. We love that it’s simple to use and easy to take with us in the van.

instax imprimante polaroid


A hammock

A classic and 100% timeless vanlife gift! How can you say no to an accessory that is easy to carry, hangs anywhere and allows you to relax with an incredible mature view? Whether it’s to enjoy the sun on a beautiful summer day or to wrap up in a blanket and watch the stars in the evening, this is an vanlife essential to always have on hand.

bear butt hammock


A hoodie made for vanlifers

There’s nothing more comforting and cozy than a thick hoodie! This one, illustrated by Zooloo Design, promotes the famous Leave No Trace principle, one of the most important values of vanlife. Encourage people you meet to respect nature with this perfect vanlife hoodie.

leave no trace hoodie go-van cadeau vanlife