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As expected, this year’s El Campo event will remain etched in our memories for a long time to come.

Over 550 vans gathered at El Campo, setting a new record for the largest van gathering in Canada. The contagious energy at this 7th edition was palpable throughout the first weekend of September. From experienced vanlifers to novices, as well as curious in tents to the exhibitors and artists present, we were treated to an incredible – and perfectly sunny – weekend that proved once again what an exceptional adventure vanlife can be… and how it brings people together!

A unique sense of community

If you’ve ever been to the El Campo festival, you know that the event is truly enchanting. The Domaine du Radar is imbued with a contagious sense of community spirit that permeates throughout the festival. Laughter fills the air, and groups of people can be seen cooking and playing music together. It’s the epitome of nomadic living at its finest – simple yet fulfilling.

To cater to everyone’s preferences, the festival is divided into distinct sections, including a party zone, a family area, a quiet space, and other designated areas where attendees can meet others who share their interests. This level of attention makes all the difference, providing unique opportunities for bonding experiences (a shout-out to the Clique du Plateau).

There were plenty of new faces this year, and many confirmed that it was their first time at El Campo. We’re still astounded by the number of new people we were able to connect with and how everyone – regardless of age or experience – is warmly welcomed into the nomadic lifestyle celebration.

An outstanding line-up

El Campo’s line-up this year was jam-packed with activities that catered to a diverse range of interests. From yoga to HIIT fitness, a cooking workshop, a family dance, a juggling workshop, an art workshop for kids, a group hike, and a Q&A session, vanlifers had a variety of options to choose from. Witnessing everyone participate and bond over these shared experiences was delightful.

Of course, El Campo wouldn’t be El Campo if it weren’t for the exhibitors! This year, there were no less than 27 local companies, each more passionate than the last. They welcomed us on Friday, eager to share their world with us. It was the perfect opportunity to discover unique treasures suitable for life on the road.

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The vanfest’s “pinch me moments”

Friday night shows

We had the pleasure of welcoming comedian Charles Pellerin from Voyage Grand V, back to the Mixbus stage this year. Together with his two guest comedians, Jey Fournier and Mégan Brouillard, they delivered a hilarious performance that set the tone for the festival’s opening night. It was the perfect icebreaker, leaving the audience in fits of laughter.

After the comedy shows, a surprise awaited the vanlifers in attendance – a DJ set in the heart of the forest. DJ Millimétrik‘s talent filled the air with music, creating an electric atmosphere that was further enhanced by the fluorescent decor provided by our partners at Distillerie Wabasso. The experience was unforgettable and exclusively outdoors. It was a night of dance and celebration that will be remembered for a long time..

el campo spectacles

Saturday night shows

When Saturday evening rolls around at El Campo, the Mixbus stage becomes the center of attention. The talented artists attract a diverse crowd of all ages who gather around to share a memorable experience. Our suppliers at Oxymore Microbrasserie were kept busy as they offered us the best craft beers throughout the evening. It was wonderful to see all generations unite to the sound of music and give each other a hearty “Cheers”!

This year’s event began on a high note with Steve et Ginie Jackson’s contagious folk music, setting the perfect tone for a festive night. They were followed by none other than P’tit Belliveau and his band – perfect headliners for a festival like El Campo! We couldn’t have asked for a better way to fire up the crowd and create the ultimate camaraderie spirit. Finally, our good friends from Mixbus rounded off the evening with an epic after-party, taking us back to the great dance classics.

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Sunday morning

We were thrilled to end the weekend on a high note, thanks to the amazing performance by Max D’Astous, a traveling musician with remarkable skills. His beautiful music helped create a magical ambiance that brought us all together in a joyful and harmonious circle. It served as a reminder of how lucky we are to be part of this incredible vanlife community.

spectacle musique nomade

Photo: Alexandre Miller

These special moments at El Campo serve as a reminder that the true value of vanlife lies in the connections we make and the memories we create.

We look forward to seeing you next year!