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The year 2022 has been quite memorable!

Even with our 1001 projects, we took the time to hit the road and meet vanlifers like you. Since it was our first full year as a family, it was quite different from the previous ones but just as exciting. So here are the top 5 of our best moments from the past year.

famille go-van julien karolina zak

Our very first road trip with Zak in a van

The beginning of the year 2022 was a new start for our family as we learned to travel with a baby in the van! After a little planning and organization, we left on our very first long road trip to California with Zak. We had to learn to adapt along the way, but it was one of the best moments of our year.

It’s not the first time we visit the west coast, but going on the road with a baby is also rediscovering the same places with a new perspective. For Zak, everything was new and exciting and even if he won’t have any memories other than pictures, it’s clearly an experience that will have marked us as a family.

It was also the first time we returned to California since the travel bans and it wasn’t until we parked our van on the beach in San Onofre that we realized how much we missed it. After a few surf sessions, nights in our favorite places like Alabama Hills and several breathtaking sunsets, we came back to Quebec with our heads full of memories.

go-van famille californie - plus beaux moments 2022van alabama hills californie

Going on the road for the filming of La Belle Vie season 3

Many of you asked us this year when you could see season 3 of La belle vie! You’ll be happy to know that all the filming is over and that you’ll be able to see it on your screens in spring 2023.

Once again for this new season, we went on a road trip to some beautiful places, but most of all, we had the chance to meet some unique and inspiring people. From the North Shore to the Eastern Townships, through the Maritimes and even Yukon, our route was one of the most beautiful moments of our year and made us fall in love once again with vanlife and the many alternative lifestyles that exist across the country.

These shoots always allow us to discover concepts and innovations that are so impressive. After spending the night on sailboats, visiting tiny houses, ancestral farms and earthships, discovering geodesic domes, families on buses and even a house on a floating island, these new episodes left us amazed. What do you think we will discover in the next season?

équipe tournage saison 3 la belle vieéquipe tournage saison 3 la belle vie - plus beaux moments 2022

El Campo 2022: our biggest edition ever

Of course, El Campo is always our biggest highlight of the season and one of the best moments of our year. When you look back on the very first gathering with barely a hundred people, it’s amazing to watch more than 500 vans arrive at the Domaine du Radar this year for another memorable weekend.

With the warm temperatures of this first weekend of September, many enjoyed the lake and the tubing! The classic horseshoe tournament was back, as well as our exhibitor area which we doubled this year to let you discover even more local companies that make incredible products for vanlife.

We also realized a dream this year by inviting comedians on Friday night and by organizing a surprise show by Anthony Roberge on Saturday! Pilou gave us a perfect sunset performance and Qualité Motel brought the energy level up to its best. Our discovery of the year? Richard and his guitar who made us sing and dance like there was no tomorrow!

el campo 2022 domaine du radarel campo 2022 domaine du radar

Having the chance to visit Yukon by van

Yukon has been on our bucket list for a long, long time and this year, we finally had the chance to spend a few days there in a van with the family! It’s thanks to the filming of La belle vie that we finally had the time to go there and we feel very lucky that our job allows us to live such experiences.

What particularly impressed us about Yukon was the mix of different natural landscapes in one place. For example, while walking through the world’s smallest desert, we could see lush forest and snow-capped mountain peaks in the distance. It’s impressive and mesmerizing to see all these natural elements in one place, as if nature was painting a picture for us.

Yukon is also a place rich in adventure and history. We loved taking the time to visit many vans from all over the world, but also to talk to locals to learn all the secrets and legends of the area. There is no other destination like Yukon, it’s really one of our best moments of the year and it’s certainly not the last time that we are going to visit.

go-van road trip yukongo-van road trip yukon - plus beaux moments 2022

The projects and development of Go-Van

It may not be a precise moment, but Go-Van has been evolving at a rapid pace this year and of course we are proud of how far we have come. After starting the year off strong and confirming Mercedes-Benz as a great new partner, the projects have never stopped coming in. We are so happy that the enthusiasm for our community and vanlife is growing and that more and more people are getting involved in this great adventure.

In 2022, we expanded our network of spaces and launched the Go-Van.CLUB to allow you to discover Quebec in places designed for vanlifers. We unveiled our brand new Go-Van Bus that will allow many businesses to reimagine their workspace. We created, for a sixth edition, the largest van gathering in Canada. We’ve expanded our online store to bring you new and essential brands for vanlifers. We’ve written dozens of articles to help you navigate through vanlife and discover the most beautiful destinations possible. In the end, all these developments have confirmed the relevance of a platform like Go-Van and that makes us feel so so good.

équipe go-vankarolina krupa go-van - plus beaux moments 2022

And this is just the beginning! If you knew what we’re preparing for 2023, we’re so excited to reveal our new projects very, very soon. In the meantime, we want to thank you for following our crazy ideas day after day. We often repeat it, but it’s thanks to you that we can live all these beautiful emotions and create these incredible memories. Ciao 2022, bring it on 2023!