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Westfalia Meet Up In Gentilly, QC

By January 20 2015All stories

One fun thing about being a Westfalia owner is that you make instant friends, no matter where you go. Whether you stop at a gas station to fill up that tank or show up at a random VW meet up in the middle of nowhere, chances are you’ll share stories about these iconic vehicles. Every now and then you’ll encounter someone that used to own a Vanagon or a Bus, or even has a friend that has a friend who is a real fanatic.

Last summer I became a member of the Mononcs en Foliea Vanagon Club based in Québec that has been up and running since 1999. I took part in the first meet up of the season held in Le Parc de la Rivière Gentilly and came back with a bunch of photos and a lot of projects in mind for my van.

For more info about the club, you can follow their Facebook group.