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Stealth Parking in New York City

By January 19 2015All stories

Sleeping in your van in big cities can be stressful, but when you think about it, no one really finally care after all! Forget about popping the roof of your Westfalia though, you’ll need to go as stealth as possible. You should start by reading Bob Wells 12 rules of stealth parking first!

While driving South, we stopped in NYC for a night and we stayed on Wall St on a Saturday night, and we were right about choosing the Financial District as it’s really quiet on a week end. We ended up having a few beers in a great Irish pub nearby, it’s NYC after all!

Stealth parking on Wall St.

When it rains, it poors in New York City

Freedom vessel x Liberty Statue

In God we trust…

Secret Irish pub close to our parking spot…