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We love discovering Quebec and North America by van!

Road trips are a great way to explore different territories and attractions. With so many possibilities, it can be difficult to decide where to go next. However, if you’re looking for a change of scenery and want to explore a new international destination, why not consider a vanlife adventure? If you feel like booking your own plane tickets and taking a road trip on another continent, here are 5 vanlife-friendly destinations around the world.

vanlife australie


Australia is widely considered the ultimate destination for van travel. With its warm climate throughout the year, beautiful coastlines and beaches, unique nature, and great waves for surfing, it’s a place to enjoy the sun and long days on the road and one of the best vanlife-friendly destinations.

Vanlife is widely accepted in Australia and finding safe places to sleep in your van is easy. We suggest using apps and websites such as Wikicamps Australia, NSW National Parks and CamperMate to research and locate safe parking spots. Additionally, you’ll find plenty of free services throughout the country, such as clean showers and toilets, public BBQs, WiFi, and outdoor gyms. It’s no wonder that this mythical country tops the vanlife charts!

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Moins connu pour la vanlife, le Portugal est pourtant l’une des destinations les plus complètes pour ceux et celles qui aiment voyager en van. Ses routes sont agréables, son territoire est sécuritaire et vous serez loin des plages bondées de l’Espagne.

Si vous aimez voyager lentement et rester quelques jours dans la même région, ce pays est vraiment pour vous. Sa petite superficie vous permet de découvrir la majorité de ses paysages scéniques sans avoir à faire de longues heures de voyagement chaque jour! Vous pourrez donc ralentir le rythme et réellement prendre le pouls des habitudes et moeurs locales.

Portugal is a great destination for vanlife enthusiasts, despite not being as well-known as other countries. Its roads are pleasant and safe, and it offers a complete experience for travelers. Unlike its crowded neighbor Spain, you can enjoy a peaceful journey in Portugal.

If you like to slow travel and stay a few days in the same region, this is the country for you. Being a small country, you can discover most of its scenic landscapes without having to travel long hours every day. This way, you can slow down your pace and truly immerse yourself in the local customs and habits.

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Who wouldn’t want to take a road trip to the place known as the happiest country in the world? Finland is a unique destination that offers an authentic and unforgettable trip away from big crowds.

What we love about Finland, and what makes it a part of vanlife-friendly destinations, is that the country has adopted the freedom-to-roam philosophy, which means you can camp virtually anywhere, free of charge. Of course, this enormous privilege comes with a code of conduct that’s easy to follow. Make sure you don’t damage the land, don’t start campfires without permission, and respect the limit of one to two nights in any one place. If you prefer to sleep on a controlled site, there are over forty national parks with free spaces and a few paying sites.

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New Zealand

On a road trip to New Zealand, you’ll find that nature always takes center stage! This country is one of the most vanlife-friendly destinations in the world, much like Australia. It has become a rite of passage for many young vanlifers who are seeking adventure and sunshine. New Zealand boasts beaches, valleys, mountains, lakes, glaciers, and lush landscapes, making it a complete and unmissable destination.

Fortunately for the vanlife community, nomadic culture is part of the local way of life. In New Zealand, you’ll find over 500 responsible campsites, sites with no amenities where you can camp for free. Of course, leave no trace is a priority when it comes to enjoying these sites, which are easily accessible via platforms such as Campermate, Rankers Camping NZ and Department of Conservation Freedom Camping.

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Iceland is a unique destination with breathtaking landscapes that appear to be out of this world. To travel by van in Iceland, you need to be prepared for all kinds of weather, but if you’re a seasoned vanlifer who’s not afraid of the wind, this is a must-visit country.

If you plan to travel to Iceland for more than a week in summer, we suggest you buy the Camping Card. This card gives you access to some forty campsites across the country, mainly located near the coast. Despite the fact that locals love to welcome vanlifers to their country, boondocking is forbidden in Iceland due to its high popularity. So it’s best to weigh up your options before arriving at your destination. In any case, make sure you have the Parka app for campsites, Vedur App for road closures and Appy Hour to take advantage of the best deals in local pubs!

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