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True Kiwis Don’t Fly, They Drive!

By February 18 2015All stories

Olivier Blaschek is a French photographer on a 12 month journey in New Zealand. When he first arrived, he bought back “Te Papa” (the treasure in Maori) a Toyota Lucida from a kiwi in Auckland. This low mileage van was the perfect size for his solo travelling with a lot of equipment and a trap in the floor to easily hide it all. He enjoys this independent way of travelling that makes him discover different landscapes and allows him to catch the best light at the right moment.

As you’ll see in his pictures, New Zealand is a little paradise if you like to drive on scenic roads and there’s so much to see…that he almost stops at every kilometer to take a picture. It’s also easy to travel with many free places to camp on the beach, next to a great lake or even in the city! You simply need to recycle and be respectful of the environment! Gas is cheap and you make a lot of interesting encounters!

Here are a few of his best shots, you’ll find more in the slider on top of the post.

Instagram : @olivierblascheki

“Te Papa” (the treasure in Maori), his Toyota Lucida 

Office with a view!

James Pic catching a fun wave…

Gisborne island

Heading south!