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Bus Life in Paradise

By February 10 2015All stories

Do you sometimes wish for your van to be a little bigger? In a previous post, Steve and Trisha living in their 1993 Ford school bus showed us how they did to make it livable. Well, here’s another project you’ll find inspiring! The bus was owned by a group of French DJs who decided to have it sent to Argentina to be able to travel in South and Central America organizing partys to pay for gas and food. The project was a great success  until  the crew came across Costa Rica where the bus engine died and the DJs decided to head back home. Laurie bumped into one of the DJs as they were surfing and… she bought the bus back and restored it with her boyfriend… in 1 month! Here’s the result

The bus was ready for his second life!

Meet Laurie!

Work in progess

The room and the lounge

Colorful kitchen! Laurie and Sebastian lived 8 months without electricity…

The Mercedez Benz bus

Great patio

The view from the kitchen

Sebastian and Laurie