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Surf & Search in Mexico

Surfing is what brought me to buy a van, thus it was clear that in my recent trip across the USA I would shoot a surf video. Our friend Olivier is our favorite Quebec surfer, not only for his athletic skills and surf knowledge, but also for his constant positive vibe! We picked him up with our friend Marc in Los Angeles and we headed down South to explore Mexico to look for some secluded point break!

If you’re going to drive down there, make sure you have all your gear because you won’t find that many surf shop on your way. You’ll find gas easily for the first day of driving, but as you go further South, gas stations will become less easy to find, so it’s a good idea to carry an extra 5 gallons gas barrel. Since you’ll most probably won’t have a GPS to figure out your way, you’ll need the Surfer’s Guide to Baja with handwritten maps and a description for every spot!

Enjoy this video about our 5 day road trip in Baja looking for waves…we were not lucky the first few days but we finally found an awesome spot with a great local crew! And again, you’ll enjoy great drone shots by Guillaume Beaudoin!

Surf & Search in Mexico inside van
The crew as we just passed the Mexican border!

Surf & Search in Mexico ocean
When you find an awesome spot, but there’s no wave!

Surf & Search in Mexico top van
Olivier on the lookout, waiting for the waves to be perfect.

Surf & Search in Mexico clif
Two days of driving and no wave when we get there…

Surf & Search in Mexico desert
The search for good waves goes on through a giant cactus forest!!

Surf & Search in Mexico swim
Finally paddling out!

Surf & Search in Mexico surf
And slashing fun waves!

Surf & Search in Mexico road
What an awesome Mexican road trip!