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Keep Driving Until You Get There

By June 10 2015All stories, Videos

Traveling means not only visiting new places and meeting interesting people, it’s also about discovering a lot about yourself. Living in a van for a few weeks or more will bring its challenges but so much joy and this feeling of accomplishment at the end of each day. Every meal you prepare and every simple daily activity will demand this extra effort that makes the result so rewarding. Go-Van is all about sharing stories and adventures, so we’re proud to release our first video after 3 weeks of filming and about 5000 miles on the open road. We left Montreal in the middle of winter with our camera, drone, surfboards, longboards and headed south with one thing in mind, to explore as much as possible on our way to the ocean!

Every place shown in the video is listed in the video description, and feel free to contact us if you have questions about some of the landmarks we visited. As Jack Kerouac said in his book, we were surprised of how easy the act of leaving was and how good it felt, and suddenly our world was rich of possibility.

If you’ve been following our adventures you might have seen some of these pictures already, but please enjoy them again as they represent a great summary of our trip!

All photos by Guillaume Beaudoin
Video at the bottom, filming and editing by Guillaume Beaudoin as well.

Keep driving until you get there city

First stop, NYC.

Keep driving until you get there side road

Dirt roads can get a little tricky in Texas!

Keep driving until you get there view

Tent Rocks National Monument. One of the many great hikes to do in New Mexico.

Keep driving until you get there sunrise

Even an amateur chef would impress with this scenic kitchen. Southern New Mexico.

Keep driving until you get there canyon

Creating our own totem in Monument Valley, Arizona.

Keep driving until you get there shadows

Finally we get to the sea for our first surfing session… Baja California, Mexico.