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St-Georges Open 2015

By June 01 2015All stories

The winter season in Quebec is known to be long and waaaaay too cold. Therefore, owning a Westy or any type of summer-only van can sometimes be brutal, as we need to desperately wait until the temperature warms up to take the beasts out of hibernation.

This past season has been espacially harassful, and all the projects we had in mind ended up being done during the first few weeks of spring. We’ve been super busy working on the van, so we were more than stoked to take part in the first meet up of the season and hang out with the Mononcs en Folie we met last year.

More than 30 Vanagon and Bus showed up during the weekend including Les 4 Farfelus, a French family that’s been on the road in a 1979 VW Bus for over two years now.

Thanks to Erik from Le West est en Vie for capturing these memories!