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Roamers Stay Connected

By May 30 2015All stories

If you’re Canadian and often traveling to the US, this post is for you! Even if the cell phone carriers are trying to come up with better plans for travelers, you’re still very limited with your datas and it will still cost you a lot of money for your talking/texting. Before finding a solution for that, I used to look for Starbucks and McDonalds wifi to load a map on my GPS or check out the surf forecast. As a result, I had to wait in line to buy a 5 dollars coffee in order to get the wifi password just to check out my Facebook or upload a picture on Instagram.

Last winter I was on the road for a few months so I searched for ways to stay connected with my friends without the expectation of huge phone bills. I also needed the internet to work, and I was ready to stop in cafes, but a friend told me about Roam Mobility and it changed my way of traveling!

Instead of poaching wifi from Starbucks, I can tether from my phone and work from the beach!

You’ need to order your US Sim card, which you’ll easily swap for the one already in your phone as you cross the border. You’ll have a new US number so you can look cool and tell your friends “call me on my US number haha”. Before crossing the border, you’ll need to find 5 minutes to get on Roam Mobility’s website and place an order for the plan and the dates you want to use the service. I always get the better plan because I’m a hardcore user and I don’t want to miss a Tinder match when I arrive in a new city (lol). But you also have options without data plan that are cheaper. So basically, you have several options, from daily to monthly plans, with or without data, and you’ll never have to worry because most of their packages will give you unlimited access to their nework. Since it’s all prepaid you’ll never bust your plan, the worst that can happen is that you’ll be on a slower network.

So take a minute to go over their plans, they’re even offering plans for your trips to Mexico!