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When you leave on long road trips in your van, it’s always a good idea to be well-equipped to enjoy 100% of your time on the road.

The goal is not to buy just any trendy thing you’ll never use but to have a few essential and versatile, easy-to-transport and store accessories. To get you started with the upcoming season, here are our 5 must-have accessories for your van.

1. KAM Matssprinter campervan vu de haut - must-have accessories for your van

Of course, we love our Go-Van blankets on the bed or around the fire for cooler nights, but they are not practical in every situation. When we want a mat at the entrance to the van or a clean surface to sit Zak on the ground, we always use our KAM Mats!

These reversible mats are made of stain-resistant, eco-friendly vegan leather. They are easily washed with water or a damp cloth and folded up for optimal storage! Their family size allows them to be used as a play area or beach blanket while their individual size is convenient for diaper changes or as a mat to wipe off and put down our shoes before entering the van.

famille sur un kam mat en nature - must-have accessories for your van

2. Insulated Window Covers

Despite the fact that we often look for remote and quiet places to sleep in our van, it’s sometimes necessary to sleep in the city or at a campsite. In these moments, it becomes essential to have insulating curtains for your windows! This accessory allows you to block out light and sound while giving you more privacy inside the van.

Made in Canada, Overnight Van Supplies‘ window covers are easy to install and come with their own storage bag. Their different sets fit your van model and offer a wide variety to suit your needs. Since the curtains help regulate the temperature in your van, all you have to do is choose the type of insulation and you’re done!

rideau isolant overnight van supplies - accessoires indispensables pour van

3. Eco-friendly cleaning products

The “leave no trace” concept is a great strenght of the vanlife community. In order to be able to enjoy our territories for a long time to come, we have to take care of them! That’s why we encourage all vanlifers on the road to always pick up after themselves and minimize their impact on the environment.

When we discovered KLIIN‘s eco-friendly cleaning products, they quickly became a must-have accessory for the van. Their product line is here to help you keep your van clean while respecting the environment. The idea is simple: their little cleaning capsules dissolve in water so you can spray them on your surfaces to clean. Complete your kit with a Go-Van reusable paper towel and you’re ready for any mess.

produits nettoyants écoresponsables KLIIN - accessoires indispensables pour van

4. Mini camping chair

Our #1 baby accessory in the van! It’s not the first time we’ve talked about it, but this chair has really become a must-have for us on the road or even at home. It folds up and comes with a small storage bag that is super convenient to carry around.

Its little built-in shelf allows us to feed Zak no matter where we go. Plus, it easily replaces any type of high chair as it can be set up directly on a picnic table or van counters. A simple and versatile solution that is one of the must-have accessories for your van.

père et fils en camping - must-have accessories for your van

5. GoTreads

It is well known that vanlifers like to explore off the beaten track to find the best places to spend the night far from civilization. Sometimes, it goes without worries, but other times, the small dirt road has no intention to let you leave without getting stuck.

That’s why we always carry a pair of GoTreads with us! Not only does this accessory allow us to get back on the road quickly when we get stuck in the sand or snow, but it also serves as leveling blocks when we park the van for the night. A two in one essential for vanlife!

gotreads accessoires indispensables pour van