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We wanted to put together a playlist that captured the essence of “THE HOWELLER,” our beloved British campervan that carried us, American Honeymooners, 40,000 miles all around the UK, up past the Arctic Circle in Norway, all the way down to the golden sands of The Sahara and beyond. Over the course of 2.5 years, we visited numerous countries and spent countless hours driving with the windows down, hair blowing wild, perfecting our seated dance moves as The Howeller hummed along, blaring all our favorite songs. Other days, we’d be relaxing by the sea, grilling on the sand, enjoying some good ole American classics as we sat with The Howeller, the three of us watching the sun go down, wondering if our friends and family back home could feel us thinking about them. We accidentally broke off The Howeller’s antennae when we first got him, so we had to burn CD’s in order to have tunes. This happy, romantic, chill, “vibey” playlist is a collection of all our favorites that will forever be remembered as the soundtrack to one of the most unforgettable adventures of our lives. We hope you enjoy sharing in the journey, maybe it’ll even help inspire your own.

Click here to listen to Mr and Mrs Adventure’s playlist, available through Spotify!

  • Name: Mr and Mrs Adventure
  • Van Type: Ford
  • Van Model: Transit
  • Van Year: 2000