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Eamon & Bec are used to living in close quarters.

Not only do they live in their Sprinter together, they also work together, and document much of their adventures on the road. After realizing how extreme the cost of living was in Toronto, they made a decision to downsize and move into a van instead. The most impressive part? They completed their build in 30 days. We were lucky enough to spend some time with them and learn more about what vanlife and happiness means to them.

Eamon and Rebecca have always been interested in travel. In fact, they have traveled to various countries around the world together already for nearly 2 years.

“Before starting Chaiwala, Eamon and I had been nomads for nearly 3 years. So, when we created our business we knew that once it found it’s feet, we would need to hit the road to satisfy our cravings of adventure and wanderlust.  Aside from travelling to various shows, we also travel to meet with new/potential wholesale clients.”

Their van is a 2008 Sprinter named Trinity, after Trinity Bellwoods, a famous park in Toronto they almost signed a lease just before buying the van.

Learn more about Eamon & Bec by following their business and travels online:

Instagram: @eh.mon and @rebeccamoroney
YouTube: Eamon & Bec

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