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Winterize : Wanderlust Vanlife

By March 07 2015All stories

Hey we are Marta and Alex, Marta is from Spain and Alex is from Australia but we live in our RV “Wayne” in the Canadian Rockies. We gravitated to this life for a few reasons. We were plain curious to see what RV life would be like in a cold place nothing like home, this was also going to force a welcome shift in our lifestyle. We both feel a itch to get moving again, to travel, and this means money needs to be saved. Changing our housing costs from the norm helps with this. It’s lots of fun and creatively engaging making videos together so we decided to start with a “how to” series on RV living in cold Canadian winter conditions. Our first episode tells you more about Wayne and ourselves.

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And here are our three first episodes about living in an RV in Winter, we’re happy to share what we’ve learned along that process!

Winterize Part I – Insulating your RV for Winter living
In this episode we take you through the easy and cheap steps for insulating Wayne from the Canadian Winter.

Winterize Part II – How to heat your motor home
In this episode we talk about the two heaters we have in Wayne (propane and electric) and vent covers.

Winterize Part III – Indoor clothing and water system
In this episode we give you some tips on staying warm in your winter home and how we handle our water and pipes.