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The Ultimate #vanlife Workout

By January 10 2016All stories, Videos

Do you think that driving a van will prevent you from being fit? Hell no, that’s not an option brother!!! While driving long hours, we all need to stop from time to time before we go nuts anyways and thank God, your friends at Go-Van have a solution for you! They put together the first #vanlife workout session allowing you to keep driving the open road without gaining extra weight! And, because we know you don’t have extra space between your surfboards and your coffee mugs for exercising equipment in your adventure mobile, the only thing you’ll need besides your vehicle, is an elastic band…

Here is our daily (almost…) routine.

1. From the highway, find an exit that looks safe and where you would never stop usually (so you might discover a really cool spot no one knows about!). Run at least 1 mile in the direction that looks the more fun. If you happen to be with friends, that’s even better, you’ll all look like athletes training for a competition or something.

The Ultimate #vanlife workout Run

Note: Try to avoid running in the desert without a proper hat (ex: sombrero).

2. Now that you’ve awaken most of your body, it’s time to stretch and flex these muscles Captain! Grab your elastic band and find the most comfortable place on your vehicle to attach one end of your elastic.

The Ultimate #vanlife workout strech
2 sets of 10 to 25 times

The Ultimate #vanlife workout flex
2 sets of 10 to 25 times

3. As you’re probably well warmed up at this point, go crazy with these push-ups and sit-ups until it hurts!

The Ultimate #vanlife workout push up

Come on! You can do this! You won’t look like Phil Leblond by just holding that wheel through the 52 states!

The Ultimate #vanlife workout abs
4. To make it even more fun, if you’re near the ocean, jump in the water for a surf sunset session.

Enjoy! Keep having fun on the road!