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Life in a van with a baby is much easier than you think!

It’s true that since Zak’s arrival last year, we had to adapt and make some changes to our routine on the road. We adopted slow travel, shortened our trips, and reorganized our space to accommodate this third crew member. But once we’re well settled with the right accessories, traveling with a baby in a van is not that complicated.

If families of 4 can travel comfortably during a road trip of several months in a minivan, there is no good reason to stop traveling with a baby or young children. Anything is possible with the right setup and dose of good vibes!

Here are our 6 tested and approved baby accessories that will make your life easier daily.

karolina krupa et zak go-van

Baby Camping Chair

This is truly a must-have on the road and at home! This baby camping chair folds up into its carrying bag and is easily stored in the van. We use it every day to make Zak eat with us thanks to the small removable tray. The chair also has an adjustable waist strap to make sure your baby stays in place. Since the chair is a little bigger than he is, we think he will be able to use it for many years!

bébé zak chaise de camping - voyager en van avec bébé

Collapsible Baby Bathtub

When he was a toddler, it was easy to wash Zak in the van sink. But now that he’s approaching 1 year old, we had to find a new, slightly larger solution to keep him clean! This collapsible bin is a basic accessory, but really perfect for traveling with a baby in a van. It’s easy to slide and store, unfolds in seconds and is simple to clean and dry. As long as you have water with you, you can set up wherever you want to give your baby a bath in minutes.

zak roussin bébé van lavabo

Kam Mats

We already loved our Go-Van blankets, but we have to say that with a baby, the Kam Mat has become a must-have. These mats made from eco-friendly vegan leather are super convenient and incredibly easy to wash as well as stain resistant. We put ours on the ground outside for Zak to play on, or even on the bed inside the van for him to eat without a mess! We also love that it’s made by a local company and that its materials are solvent-free and environmentally friendly.

karo krupa voyager en van avec bébé

Small Portable Playpen

“Where does Zak sleep in the Sprinter?” This is definitely the question we’ve been getting the most since we started traveling with baby in a van! The best solution we’ve found so far is to put him down in a small portable baby playpen. It folds in the middle for easy storage and is high enough to prevent Zak from getting out by himself. Eventually, when Zak is a little older, we’ll consider a small, removable bed in the front seats of the Sprinter.

julien roussin et zak go-van - traveling with a baby in a van

White Noise Baby Soother

We are lucky that Zak is now sleeping through the night, but even so, to help him fall asleep, we still use his little white noise owl. Since his sleeping environment is not always the same, we started at a very young age, both at home and on the road, to always put him to bed with the same ambient sound. This consistency quickly created a stable and secure space, which allows him to fall asleep more easily. A small accessory that makes all the difference, we recommend it to everyone!

Canvas Baby Swing

Our best trick for keeping Zak entertained and freeing up our hands while we tidy up or prepare the van! This little canvas swing is super compact and fits easily into our small space. When it’s time to use it, we simply hang it from the ceiling anchors in our van! Zak loves to spend time swinging, but more importantly, smiling at people who pass by. We love that he can easily enjoy the fresh air and the landscapes without having to carry him. A little break for the parents, a moment of happiness for the baby.

karo krupa et zak go-van - traveilng with a baby in a van