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Tiny House, Tiny Footprint

Kathleen and Greg from Tiny House, Tiny Footprint ( decided to downsize their lives from a downtown apartment in Denver, Colorado to a 140 square foot camper trailer / mobile home. For the first year of their tiny house experiment, the 1969 camper trailer was parked in a friend’s backyard until they bought a piece of land where they could park the trailer and grow their own food.

The couple’s inspiration to adopt a minimalist lifestyle and move into a small space was multifaceted: they wanted to have a smaller environmental footprint, spend less money, have more time for outdoor adventures, and be location independent. While their trailer is parked in one spot most of the time, they do have the ability to move it if they want to. Their cost of living is also low enough that they can afford to freelance, giving them even more flexibility.

In addition to their trailer, Kathleen and Greg are also converting a 1987 Toyota van into a camper van for budget-friendly road tripping which will allow them to experience working on the road as digital nomads. They are passionate about their own simple living lifestyle, and about sharing the alternative lifestyle experiments of fellow tiny home dwellers on their blog and (gorgeous) Instagram account.

  • First & Last Name: Kathleen Morton
  • Van Type/Model: 140 square foot camper trailer / mobile home
  • Van Year: 1969
  • Youtube Link: Video Link