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“I wanted to make a little playlist that emulates what vanlife means to me – the sounds of freedom and the feelings of complete autonomy. I sat in my driveway for a couple hours in my car curating this playlist after a really hard day at work. Before adding each song, I’d close my eyes and imagine what it’d be like to have no agenda. I’d imagine myself riding in Vanhalla towards a desert sunset. The windows would be down and the warm desert wind would be hitting my face. If the song was able to take me away to that place, it made the list.”

-Nate, Audra, Nutmeg, and Vanhalla

Click here to listen to Vanhalla’s playlist, available through Spotify!

  • First Name: Nate, Audra, and Nutmeg
  • Van Type: Ford
  • Van Model: Econoline 250
  • Van Year: 2004