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The Joshua Tree National Park Photobomb

By February 19 2015All stories

If you’re around Las Vegas or Los Angeles for a few days, you might want to consider driving through the Mojave Desert up to the Joshua Tree National Park. These trees, also called Yucca, look like a mix of palm tree and cactus and can only be found in this Southwestern United States region. There’s a load of great pictures to be taken with these rocks all composed of quartz and the sunset from the lookout point at Keys View, towards the south of the park, will take your breath away!

Coming from Vegas, you’ll go through the Mojave Desert, where you’ll find cool little spots to take a break or work on your balance!

Palm tree or cactus? A group of Mormon settlers named that tree after the biblical story in which Joshua reaches his hands up to the sky in prayer.

You’ll see beautiful 100 million years old rounded stones, formed from the cooling of magma.

Did you ever try to be quicker than your shadow?

Making these guys famous with a great photobomb!

The sunset at Keys View lookout is just breathtaking.

On your way out, you’ll have a great view from the Colorado Desert