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Riding Through Giants

By February 28 2015All stories

Driving and hiking through the Giant Forest of the National Sequoia Tree National Park really makes you realize how small we are! When did you get to meet a living organism of a few thousand years old? If you’re around the Western Sierra Nevada Mountains in California, you have to plan a few days to discover these majestic trees. In winter there is only one open campground but you can easily find a spot to park overnight.

Be careful with the boomerang captain! One more inch and we would not go through…

Height : 247 ft. Diameter at base : 93 ft. And the oldest tree in the world with 3200 years old!!

Have you seen Tom?

The Giant Forest is situated about 6000 feet above sea level, if you walk fast you’ll probably feel out of shape…a good reason to stop and admire the beauty of these trees.

You’ll have a 270 degrees view from the valley and the Sierra Nevada Mountains from this lookout located at the entrance of the park.