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Oh Canada!

By October 27 2017All stories

In July this year we were headed west from Glacier National Park in Montana with our sights set on the Washington coast. Looking ahead at our path of travel we noticed that the weather was forecasted to be really HOT. Needless to say, we weren’t into that idea after spending a few glorious weeks in the mountains of Montana and our dear van Stanley, doesn’t have air conditioning. In a panic, we pulled over in Idaho to search for cooler weather, Canada looked promising. We hooked a 90 degree and north and less than 45 minutes we were crossing the border into Canada with 6 beers and about 24 hours worth of food. Over the next two weeks we went from the border through Banff, Jasper, the Bugaboos, Vancouver, and Vancouver Island and it was pure magic.


More photos of our Western Canada trip!

MAK looking over Lake Moraine – 35mm

The beautiful Lake Moraine, Banff National Park

Stanley making his way through the forest in Banff – 35mm

Owen looking out over Jasper during a hike. The smoke was bad while we were there due the the nearly 400 forest fires in the surrounding area. Western Canada was devastated by fires this year – 35mm

MAK checking out Joanna’s van Rhubarb. (@jovanagon) – 35mm

MAK overlooking the intersection of 3 rivers in Yoho National Park

Secret spot in Banff National Park

We hiked into the Bugaboos with hopes to do some climbing. Unfortunately, we did not have the necessary gear we needed to cross the icefields. We managed to find a killer hike to panoramic views of the many glaciers in the area.

Stanley barricaded with chicken wire to protect his undercarriage from rodents who like to dine on rubber.

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