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Kooks & Tacos: From Quebec To Baja California

By January 10 2015All stories

Baja California has always been an intriguing destination. If most people think it is a dangerous area in Mexico because of its drug cartel related stories, some others consider it as one of the most peaceful and beautiful places to visit. Back in 2013, my friend Martin and I decided to head south in order to catch some of the best waves of our young lives and eat the best tacos we’ve ever had.

10 AM mandatory Tequila shots. 

On February 16, we left our hometown of Sherbrooke, Québec and drove for five days straight aaaalllll the way to San Diego to catch up with our friends from Ride Hatteras Surf Shop. Wasting no time, we then crossed the Mexican border and spent a couple weeks in Punta San Carlos.

Lifestyle lesson in Santa Rosaliita. 

Here’s a recap of the trip. We’re no professionals behind a lense, but we sure did have a blast filming this short video. For more photos, click here and here.