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Do you sometimes feel like having a smaller rolling home that could go almost anywhere?

If you’re like me and like going off the beaten path, I’m sure you’ve dreamed from time to time about a 4 x 4 pop up camper. Hence the reason why I was pretty excited when the team at Four Wheel Campers dropped us an invitation to try a decked out Toyota Tacoma with one of their latest pop up campers in the back. We started with a visit to their impressive factory in Sacramento and a few hours later we were taking the vehicle for a five-day adventure.

man driving truck with camper - four wheel campers

road view from dashboard - four wheel campers

First, there was something I had to check from my bucket list.

For different reasons I had never been to Yosemite and now was the time to do it! The weather is great and the crowds are not too bad in the Spring. The water levels are high at this time of year, which made the waterfalls just fabulous. We ended up spending that night right outside the park, with wild camping overlooking a lake, which we found on iOverlander. It’s so easy to hide with a small rig like ours from Four Wheel Campers!

driving through yosemite valley - four wheel campers

Northern California is an area I haven’t had the chance to explore much and Lake Tahoe wasn’t too far away. We decided to drive through those lovely NorCal rolling hills separating us from this legendary lake. We ended on a wine route and decided to stop for a tasting at a local winery. Our Harvest Host membership was really helpful to find a vineyard that would allow us to stay overnight. Fun times!

harvest host camping - four wheel campers

The next day we finally got all the way up to Tahoe!

That scenic drive going up the mountain was even better because of the Four Wheel Campers pickup truck we were in. As much as I enjoy driving a van, going up to 7000 feet on a winding road full of switchbacks was pretty fun in a pop-up camper. And that road around the lake is simply breathtaking. It was even better than what I’ve seen on Instagram!

pop up camper - four wheel campers

The trip was already memorable but something was missing. I couldn’t get this truck back in Sacramento without testing the 4 x 4 feature of this Four Wheel Campers, hence the reason why we drove a few more hours to sleep in the middle of nowhere on BLM land in Nevada. And let me tell you it was great to be able to go up and down steep sandy hills or driving on muddy trails as if it was just a walk through the park!

Although the pop up camper experience could not fully replace the comfort of my Sprinter, I could totally see myself having this as the perfect weekender vehicle.

I would also absolutely live in it for a longer trip if considering an adventure, such as driving from Alaska to Argentina for example, as the rig offers everything you need while going pretty much everywhere. Once the camper is popped up, the living space is tight but super functional. You can also get the flatbed version if you need more room – that layout is pretty sweet! The bed is huge. We had a friend visiting us and were actually 3 people sharing this king size bed without any issues. Finally, this experience was a really positive one and I easily understand why this company has been in business for over 40 years, sending outdoor enthusiasts on the road year after year!

Thank you to Four Wheel Campers for the cool rig!