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What an amazing experience at El Campo Isle-Aux-Coudres!

This El Campo was hosted in partnership between Go-Van, Suroît Aventures and Isle-Aux-Coudres Kitesurf, in order to bring vanlifers to camp on one of Quebec’s most famous and romantic islands! We welcome 125 vans and incorporated a tent section this year for even further inclusion. The collaborations for El Campo Isle-Aux-Coudres added another layer of activity to the weekend, including kitesurfers jumping in the air, paddleboarding on the St-Lawrence River, and more. We ended the weekend with live performances from Okapi, Clay & Friends and Fouki!

vans parked at isle-aux-coudres for van gathering

Another exciting addition to El Campo was the party trailer, provided by Go-Van x Vanlife MTL!

With a bar on the left, a pop-up shop on the right, and a VIP area on top, the trailer was a great addition that we can’t wait to incorporate into future events. The top of the trailer provided the perfect hangout spot, with a view across the entire property, all the parked vans, and the best place to watch sunset. Go-Van products, as well as other supported and sponsored brands, were found in the trailer shop. We’re almost certain that no van drove away without a Go-Van sticker attached!

In addition to canned beverages and mixers, we also provided fresh beer on tap, served in reusable Eco-product cups to limit our waste throughout the epic weekend.

Staff could be seen riding around the grounds all weekend on bicycles!

Everybody was all smiles as vans started to pour in Friday afternoon.

We made new friends and strengthened old connections – one of the best features of any gathering!

Marc, trusty parking instructor, could be spotted by his captain hat throughout the weekend.

In addition to stage performances at night, our good friend Anthony blessed us with a little show mid-afternoon on Saturday.

The trailer provided a wonderful place to catch up with friends, browse products, and grab a drink.

Crowds gathered near the main stage area on Saturday for games, hot dogs, and live music!

Shot by: Paul Dussault
Edited by: Raph Desharnais
Photos by: Karolina Krupa
Music: Going Up the Coast – Clay & Friends