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Nearly 5 billion videos are watched on YouTube every SINGLE day.

And every single minute of every single day, almost 300 hours of video are uploaded to the platform. The beauty of video is the amount of information it provides, more than a single image or audio clip. It’s a combination of all the ways you can learn about something, rolled up into one. This is one of the many reasons we put together a supplemental list of the best vanlife YouTubers out there, in conjunction with our original 10 favorites. Check out 8 (more) vanlife YouTubers you need to be following!

Jarrod Tocci

“What’s up guys, I’m Jarrod! I’m a content creator, a comedian, and one of those crazy people who decided to live in a self-built van that’s become my tiny home on wheels for the last two and a half years. If someone asked me in one word what I wanted to do in this world it would be to “inspire.” To inspire those that feel uninspired. Whether that is making someone laugh through my comedy, providing help to people wanting to live life in this same minimalistic way or just to stretch people’s perspective to go after whatever it is they want no matter how crazy it may seem. That is my mission. That is why I am here, for you. Jump on the train, or shall I say in the van, and come on some adventures with me! Watch my adventures and follow along, or with my blog or social media. Watch out though, you may just get a little inspired to do something a little crazy.”

Trent and Allie

“We’re Trent and Allie (and Frank the dog), a couple of DIY’ers who spent 3 years traveling around in a van before we decided to buy some land and start building our own little home in the mountains! Come along for the ride to see how much of a struggle it can be to build your own house in some crazy conditions.”

Christian Schaffer

“The open road is always calling, and where I feel most at home ↟ Outdoor Adventure & Travel Photographer living full-time on the road for 2+ years #vanlife. For the past five years, I’ve been fortunate to work as a full-time creative while based on the west coast & also overseas. A year and a half ago, I decided once again to chase after my dream of living on the road. As an experiment, I lived out of my 4×4 Nissan Xterra for a summer (you can read about it here). A few months turned into thirteen months, and I finally decided to buy a van and build it out for long-term travel. These days, I’m traveling and creating full-time; seeking out wild spaces in my van or boarding planes to far-off places. Maybe one day I’ll see you out on that open road.”

Vanlife Sagas

“We’re Dom & Marie, a French Canadian couple who love Nutella and live in a van. Marie is the brain (Ph.D. student) and Dom’s the dreamer (Creative Director). In our newly converted Promaster 136” named Vanessa, we plan to visit every single corner of North America. Our goal is to inspire others to start #vanlife and to help build their very own home on wheels and our work is driven by creating and documenting people’s stories and ways of living. SUBSCRIBE for videos about vanlife, day-to-day life + road-trips around the world. SUNDAY Is when we’ll be posting our weekly video.”

Louis the Van

“Welcome to our channel! We’re Scarlett and Seth, just-married, twenty-something-year-olds chasing abundant, sustainable living in our 2004 self-converted Sprinter van. We’ve created this channel as an outward expression of our inward passions. Our goal on this platform is to be authentic, encouraging, and grow an engaged community that is conscientious of our planet & intentionally kind with our choices. We’re aiming for impact here, not approval, and hope that something about this organic lifestyle strikes a heart cord with you. It sure has for us. We truly are so glad you found your way here. Kick-off your shoes and stay awhile.”

Van Wives

“We are The Vanwives ? (Jazmyn and Crystal) We’re a Canadian couple who lives full time in our self- converted DIY Sprinter Van with our TWO beautiful Australian Shepherd dogs, Bella & Izzy! We love life on the road! #vanlife The four of us are currently over-landing The Americas with our destination being Argentina. We upload weekly videos to Youtube every SUNDAY. The videos we create paint a picture of what it’s like to live and travel full time in a van, as an LGBTQ female couple, and with two doggies. Follow our tread marks and SUBSCRIBE to our channel! ?  See the in-betweens by following us on Instagram @vanwives. We’ve been on the road since February 8th, 2019 We are currently in Canada. Next up, Guatemala (when travel restrictions lift)”

Max and Occy

“G’day & welcome! I’m Max & the furry (*furrier) one is Occy. He’s an Aussie Shepherd and my best mate. I picked up Occy when he was just 8 weeks old in a little town in southern Australia. 9 years on and we are still (almost) inseparable. We like to adventure together and our preferred method is by road. Or by van on road to be exact. After recently finishing a journey that took 2 years and had us overlanding from Canada to the base of South America (15 countries in total) in our DIY camper, we have decided it’s time to head home. This new channel is here to document and share our adventures as we live and explore Australia in our soon to be completed new van. We would love for you to join us & share the highs and lows, epic landscapes, and meet the locals as we set out to explore more of this wonderful country. For in-between the videos follow our Instagram @max_bids. Hope to see you on the road!”

Tiny Home Tours

“This channel is dedicated to sharing the dwellings of those who choose to live in tiny homes. This ranges from tiny homes, shipping containers, and vans among other structures!” While this channel isn’t specifically about one single vanlifer on the road, it is a great way to learn about different styles of road travel and the people who live this lifestyle!

**Don’t forget to check out the Go-Van YouTube channel as well! With vlog-style videos, interviews, road trip reviews, and more!**

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