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We know that living on the road has its share of challenges.

One of the most important issues when traveling in a van is to make sure that your vehicle (and let’s face it, your investment) is protected in case of a mishap on the road. The first step is always to find the best van insurance in order to feel safe wherever you go.

Finding the best van insurance company that meets the needs of vanlifers is not easy, especially when you travel with a DIY conversion van. Most other insurance companies opt to insure campervans as a cargo van, or as a traditional automobile which requires that additional coverage is purchased for the internal components of the van. Not only is this more expensive than insuring your campervan as an RV, but this type of coverage is not tailored to the needs of someone living or traveling in their campervan.

Fortunately, there is an insurance company created by and for van owners and RVers that cater to the needs of vanlifers. To our vanlife friends in the US, Roamly is truly the best solution for you.

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Roamly: an insurance solution suited for vanlife

Roamly is an American company that specializes in RV insurance for everybody. Their goal is to offer simple and affordable van insurance that is more relevant to the reality of vanlife. Unlike most insurance companies, Roamly also allows you to rent your van on platforms like Outdoorsy or via consignment without fear of breaking the terms and conditions of your insurance policy.

Accessing their coverage is as quick as it’s easy: you only have to answer a few questions on their website in order to get a quote. From there, you can purchase your policy online, or speak with an agent. He will then propose the best possible coverage for your needs and send you an email to confirm everything. No need to shop around and negotiate endless rates! Roamly is, in our opinion, an easy and accessible solution for all types of vanlifers in the United States.

From liability protection to collision coverage and even roadside assistance, you get the full-on experience for way less. As RV owners themselves, the team at  Roamly understands the struggles around insuring a campervan and has created a line of insurance that makes it much easier to get the right coverage for your van. So whether you have a converted Sprinter of the year or an 89 GMC Vendura, you can find peace of mind at affordable rates.

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Coverage customized to your needs

What’s great is that Roamly’s insurance fits all types of vans. Unlike most traditional companies that have set-in-stone offers where you have to pay multiple extras to be well protected, Roamly offers customized and comprehensive coverage for those who would like to insure their vehicle for occasional trips and for those who live in it full time.

In order to insure a campervan as an RV, the camper just needs to have 1 of the following 3 things:

  • A semi-permanent stovetop
  • A semi-permanent fridge
  • A semi-permanent toilet

In order to be considered semi-permanent, the item just has to be bolted or strapped down in the van, it can’t be free-moving.

There is nothing more reassuring than knowing that the physical damage to your vehicle will be covered in case of an accident. Let’s face it, having a van is a huge investment in time and money. After spending months converting it and thousands of dollars to make it your own, the last thing you want is to have it go up in smoke because of an unforeseen event on the road.

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Roamly also offers special insurance coverage for those who live in their van full time (at least six months of the year) such as damage assessment, coverage of lodging expenses in the event that the wrecked vehicle will no longer allow you to sleep in it, coverage of adjacent structures (patios, carports, etc.) as well as the cleaning of debris left on the road.

Finally, DIY and professionally converted vans can be insured at both Agreed Upon and Actual Cash Value. For DIY campervans, they recommend that you keep a list of all the components that went into the build so that everything is covered appropriately. If you’re looking to insure your DIY rig at Agreed Upon Value, they also recommend getting a third-party appraisal for the value of the van. For those that have had their campervan professionally upfitted, they recommend that you have a bill of sale from the upfitter as well as a buildout sheet when purchasing the best van insurance from Roamly.

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Rent your van with peace of mind

For some vanlifers, renting their van is a great way to get a return on their investment or to allow friends and acquaintances to discover their lifestyle. However, most personal insurance companies do not cover RV rentals and may even cancel the full coverage of the vehicle if the owner decides to rent it. Since Roamly was founded by real van owners, they understand the need to be able to rent out your van without any loopholes or no-rental restrictions.

Good to know: this service covers you and your vehicle while you’re using it, but does not the renter when the van is being rented out. When renting out your van, the simplest way is to go through Outdoorsy! Like the Airbnb of vanlife, this site lets you rent any type of RV or van. A major advantage of renting your campervan with Outdoorsy is that a renter must purchase insurance as part of their booking, so your van is covered during the rental without any cost to the owner. On top of that, you’ll get discounts on your insurance when you deal with Outdoorsy.

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It only takes a couple of minutes to get a free quote from Roamly! If there’s one thing you don’t want the jeopardize while being on the road, it’s your safety. So if you’re looking for the best van insurance for your RV or DIY converted rig, Roamly may be one of the best options out there for our US friends to be covered without breaking the bank. Less hassle and worries, more fun and memories!