Book «Prêts pour la route»


*French only

By: Alexandre Grégoire, Valérie Beaupré and Suzanne Marchand

Type: Narrative

Genre: Tourism

Number of pages: 256

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Valérie Beaupré and Alexandre Grégoire have been nomads since 2016. Unhappy in a car-work-sleep lifestyle, they sold their house and material goods to embrace a daily life on the road that is exciting, sometimes stressful, but never flat. With their little trailer at first, then in their gleaming Airstream later, and their dogs Snoopy and Mr. Bond, the couple crisscrosses the mythical roads of Canada, the United States and Mexico, documenting their exciting adventures to the delight of their 80,000 subscribers.

Intimate and abundantly illustrated, this book tells their unusual story and highlights the tremendous love and exceptional complicity that unites them. Throughout the pages, Vale and Alex tell the story of how they went from being sedentary-consumers to nomadic-free. Let yourself be charmed by the song of freedom, the words of discovery and breathtaking images. Live with them their moments of wonder and their immense happiness to feel alive and free, every day.

Themes: Travel, adventure on the road
Format: 17.8 cm x 23 cm, soft cover
Publication date: March 2021
ISBN: 99782898270697
Publisher: Guy Saint-Jean Éditeur