Book «Empreinte – Voyager, rencontrer, réfléchir, prendre action»


*French only

By: Guillaume Beaudoin

Type: Narrative

Genre: Tourism

Number of pages: 232

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Over the past few years, director of photography Guillaume Beaudoin has traveled to more than sixty countries to take sensitive aerial, terrestrial and underwater photos. From a sailing boat trip in the South Pacific to a mission with the Ocean Cleanup and the discovery of the last nomadic peoples of Africa and Asia, Guillaume travels according to the wind and the people he meets. By giving voice to the people he meets on his way, Guillaume is interested in the impact of climate change and globalization on the different communities of the planet. More than that, he describes the capacities of these communities to adapt and the initiatives they are deploying to face contemporary upheavals.

A deeply human book, halfway between a travelogue and a documentary, in which the author integrates a whole reflection on the quest for meaning, the Western way of life and the importance of individual effort. Because it takes a first step to start a great movement.

Themes: Travel, sustainable development, environment, documentary
Format: 23 cm x 25 cm, hardcover
Publication date: November 2020
ISBN: 9782924251980 (Paper)
Publisher: La Courte Échelle / Parfum d’encre