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This is the story of Benoit Lafond and Paul Aubert, two French guys who dreamt of traveling differently.

Their dream came true when they converted a 39’ school bus named Natasha for the road-trip of their life. After three months of conversion with the help of their friends, the two Frenchies created their travel companion, an ideal converted bus to live the adventure in optimum comfort! So, began the story of Mybushotel.

Their goal was to drive off to South America with the first prototype of bus hotel and traveled around 16 countries and 29,000 miles, the best road trip ever! Mexico, Belize, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Panama, Colombia, Equator, Peru, Bolivia, Chile, and Argentina. These destinations sound like the adventure of a lifetime!

After this amazing trip discovering new landscapes, getting in touch with local people, and sharing exceptional moments, Benoit and Paul wanted to help people live the same experience.

They decided to create their first project: La Brigade du Voyage, an itinerant hotel concept allowing them to discover the most beautiful places in the United States. Grand Canyon, Zion, Yosemite, Sequoia, and Yellowstone. Between deserts and forests of giant trees, plains and canyons, great natural spaces, and big cities, La Brigade du Voyage plunged French travelers into the American dream!

Following a real enthusiasm for their concept, they converted Natasha’s sister: Barbara (up to 6 people just like her sibling). After receiving more than a hundred people aboard their hotel on wheels, they were able to really understand everyone’s needs. Living on the road is a feeling of freedom, a limitless adventure, and a real connection with nature. The outdoor experience allows people to feel the elements and change spots as much as they want!

Based on their experience they decided to bring school buses back to life. To do so, they created Mybushotel to allow individuals to rent or buy their own vehicles, and thus live the b-hotel experience!

Mybushotel is a passionate team of experts which convert vehicles that are ideal both on road-trips and as a full-time tiny house, without losing comfort.

The bus family is now growing with downsized buses which are the perfect match between comfort, functionality, and space. Their little buses are the meeting between the concept of skoolie and their team specialized in hotel industry, event management, art cabinet making, and of course travel. It is a unique piece created by designers for travelers!

The design layout of their b-hotel is up to convenience, space, and aestheticism. Every square inch is engineered for optimizing space and making the buses ready for any type of adventure! Thanks to wood and metal experts, their buses are crafted tailor-made to make them the best traveling companion ever! B-hotel is the best combination between the large living space of a bus and the easy circulation of a car! Do not worry, you don’t need a specific driving license!

To optimize the outdoor experience, their buses are totally independent and do not need to be connected to water and electricity at all times thanks to solar panels and instantaneous water tank of 42 gallons. This makes them real little houses on wheels!

It offers you all the comfort of a small house on wheels! Cook delicious meals just like at home in the equipped kitchen and take a sleep in the memory form mattress in the cozy bedroom…Why not watching Netflix on the smart TV with hot chocolate when it’s rainy? If you have an extra passenger, simply drop down the table and get an extra comfortable twin bed! Who said you’ll have to take your shower outside? Take it with a view! Would you enjoy this time under the sun or in front of the stars?

Because they are experimented and seeking quality, they put all their passion to make their buses the best traveling companion ever! Their goal is to create vehicles that are ideal for part-time or full-time living. They design vehicles inspired by their own experiences as well as the codes of the hotel industry.

Whether you’re looking for an adventure with no commitments, a new home, or a new business on wheels – Mybushotel has an option for everyone!

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