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Nick is a Geologist and landscape/adventure photographer, Maggie is a web developer and Pushkin is a dog. We live full-time out of our van exploring beautiful destinations throughout North America.  Hiking and being off-grid as much as possible was the main driving force behind us moving into a van since we have always been our happiest selves when in nature. Living in our van allows us to journey far and wide to places we could only dream of visiting before when we were tethered to a traditional home in the city.  The three of us have been living full-time out of Drifting House since January 2018.

  • First Name: Nick, Maggie, Pushkin
  • Last Name: Zupancich, McFarland
  • Van Type: Mercedes
  • Van Model: 170″ 4×4 Sprinter
  • Van Year: 2016
  • Youtube Link: Video Link