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Bringing the outdoor community together to protect our winters

There are always two types of people: those who can't wait for the first snowflakes…

Vanlife in 2021: our best moments

2021, what a year! While interest for vanlife exploded in 2020, we could really see…

Our 25 best ideas for the perfect vanlife gift

Get out the tree and the sparkling lights, Christmas is just around the corner! Whether…

El Campo 2021: celebrating our fifth edition!

This year, we had the biggest edition of El Campo ever! Close to 400 vans…

The 5 Best Reasons to Have a Security Camera as a Vanlife Accessory

Security is one of the aspects that shouldn’t be forgotten or overlooked when choosing to…

Carbone Boréal: taking action to reduce your carbon footprint

Vanlife is often recognized for its more minimalist and environmentally conscious lifestyle. However, living on…

Lithium batteries: don’t buy just anything

L'accès à source d'énergie fiable est devenue un must pour la van life. Découvrez les…

6 Tips for Driving in the Snow

Seasonal travel can be challenging if your vehicle isn't ready for winter snow. These are…

Tripping 1975: Falling in Love One Country at a Time

"Tripping 1975" is the story of a young couple on their year-long adventures through Europe…

A Summer Adrift with Bound For Nowhere

A Summer Adrift is a sixteen-episode video series on YouTube that documents our summer together…

Financing Your Van or Van Build

Looking to dive into vanlife but trying to figure out the finances? Check out this…

Off-Grid Adventures on the Southern Vancouver Island

Our guide to exploring the Southern Vancouver Island during our latest off-grid adventures, powered by…

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