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When Yan Tremblay realized he was not as present with his family as he wanted to be, he knew it was time for a change.

This realization was brought by his eldest son, Loan, at the young age of 4-years old. When his son pointed out that he was not home as much as they would like him to be, he simply asked his son, « What do you want to do? » Loan’s response? « Build the camper you’ve always dreamed of. » Within two weeks, they had their camper and hit the road.

« Our van is not perfect, a bit like we are actually… »

Seven years later, Yan’s two sons, Loan and Lenny, are now 11 and 8 years-old. They have now upgraded their original van for a 4×4 Sprinter, allowing them to explore the roads less traveled.

Before they begin even setting up camp each night, they scout the surrounding area and clean up any and all trash they can find.

« We would like to leave the place cleaner than we found it. »

For Yan and his sons, traveling via van together allows for more quality time spent as a family unit.

« Basically, life is about staying authentic. »

Follow the traveling family and their adventures:

Instagram: @leloupgris_ontheroad

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