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When passion becomes the most important thing, you follow your dreams.

Anthony Roberge is a college graduate with a degree in kinesiology. With the dream of being a full-time musician, traveling and sharing his passion of music of others, he knew he would have to make a choice. So he chose music. Soon after, he moved into his Mercedes Sprinter full-time and began traveling Canada and the United States, playing music along the way.

His build includes all the necessities for a traveling musician.

With a lifted stationary bed, Anthony is able to bring all his musical equipment with him on the road. Most of his equipment and instruments are stored directly under his bed, allowing for swift packing and unpacking whenever a show is needed.

With the help of YouTube, his brother, and other online sources, he was able to complete a personalized-conversion. He now lives by his daily manta, « ready for a show anywhere. » In fact, he even performed a last-minute show for us at this year’s El Campo! With little notice and just a quick setup, he was ready to go in nearly no time.

A wonderful feature of Anthony’s van is the drawing board he updates when he meets new friends along the way, requesting that they leave a sketch. It’s a focal point of his van, visible right when the sliding door is opened. This reminds him of the wonderful hospitality he has received during every stop along the road.

Learn more about Anthony by following his music and travels online:

Instagram: @anthony_roberge
Facebook: Anthony Roberge
YouTube: Anthony Roberge

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