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Winter Won’t Stop Us

In the past 2 years, we spent quite some time converting our Sprinter into a camper van. We’ve insulated the walls and applied cedar panels for a great finish. We added some storage space for skis, snowboards and all the equipment we want to take with us. Finally we built a table that converts into a bed and we added a small kitchen unit with shelves to store cooking utensils. Even in the middle of winter, we’re able to go on road trips, and so we did recently to explore some of the best ski resorts out West.

Our 2013 Sprinter, Glacier National Park, Montana

The cedar panels and table

Sleeping mode

Please do not disturb!

Last February, we left Vancouver, BC, to hunt for snow since winter had been quite dry and warm in coastal BC. We had our Mountain Collective Pass and our goal was to visit at least 3 more resorts, in addition to Whistler, which is almost in our backyard. Our friends Mike and Greg joined us for the beginning of the trip: 3 ski days in Alta and Snowbird near Salt Lake City, Utah, and 2 ski days in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. They went back home, but we continued North towards the Canadian Rockies to explore Lake Louise Resort and Sunshine Village. There was not much powder snow, but we found amazing landscapes, both in the ski resorts and on the road, and we met great characters along the way. Here are some pictures of our road trip; 8 days of riding over a total of 16 days on the road, 2,800 miles and 5 ski resorts.

Leaving Jackson Hole : windy and curvy roads.

Getting ready for a cold night. Getting out the propane and the small heater.

Route 90, Montana.

Frozen Lake Louise.

On our way to Banff through Highway 93, we stopped for a short hike in the Kootenay National Park where a lightning started 5 fires in 2003.

The roads of Montana.

4 Happy faces, Snowbird, Utah

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