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This is a tour of a Peace Vans rental van – 1988 Westfalia Vanagon, Chilliwack. This van has been given a ton of upgrades and improvements–a new motor, new transmission, an upgraded second battery system (plenty to power modern fridge, some lights, and charge devices). It’s the perfect vehicle for a family van vacation as it sleeps four, and for us, it was a comfortable home on wheels for two weeks in December as we explored the Pacific North West.

We fell in love with the van during our two weeks stay and wanted to share our Top 5 favorite things starting with 1) The Pop-Top 2) The Propane Heater 3) The Comfortable Table Set-Up 4) The Swivel Chair 5) The Wonderful Sound System.

We took this van on a proper road trip through the Pacific Northwest focusing on Olympic National Park and then making our way down to the Red Woods with stops in the iconic beach of Oregon like Canon Beach.

We loved this trip and while it was the winter (our first experience with winter camping) it was so much more memorable than we could have ever imagined.

  • Name: Dana & Lou – Wild We Roam
  • Van Type: VW
  • Van Model: Westfalia Vanagon
  • Van Year: 1988
  • Youtube Link: Video Link