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When it comes to your home on wheels, safety and security are of the utmost importance.

Whether you are living in your van, storing it for the winter, or leaving it at the trailhead for an afternoon, you want to make sure it is protected. Vans are an investment, which is why it’s so important to take precaution and find ways to protect yourself from accidents or mishaps. Having proper security can ease the worry that comes with being a van owner. But like all things within a van, it’s important to find something viable in size, with off-grid capabilities, and ideally with dual-functionality. 

The VOSKER V200 serves as a monitoring option to provide that protection. This LTE wireless outdoor security camera is extremely van-friendly with its compact size and solar-powered functionality. With multiple ways to charge the device, it won’t matter if you’re constantly on the go. Its various features allow you to set up the system in a way that will serve you best, including night vision, motion detection, and time-lapse mode. 

So, what’s the complication level, and how does it work exactly?

What It Comes With

  • Camera device
  • External antenna
  • Preactivated SIM card
  • 8 GB SD card
  • Adjustable mounting arm or strap
  • Two years limited warranty
  • Free mobile security plan offered

You’ll need to purchase 8 AA batteries or a lithium battery pack in order to begin with the security system. We’d recommend considering the lithium battery, as they are less affected by cold temperatures and last longer than most batteries. This will help keep your monitoring system functioning at its best throughout the seasons. 

go-van gear review - vosker v200

Setting up the VOSKER V200 in our Sprinter 

It is compact, measuring only 4.4” W x 3.3” D and 7.5” H, perfect for any tiny home. The device comes already assembled, making set up as easy as possible. Simply remove the device from the packaging and decide where you’d like to place it in your van.

The camera comes with various mounting options, including both an adjustable mounting arm and a strap. The mounting bracket would be great if you are in the middle of a DIY van build. However, if your van is already complete and you want to avoid drilling into the walls, the security strap would work great for installation (like on the back of your seat headrest!) We’ve found that we personally like leaving it on the dash to serve as a visible security system and to encourage people to think twice before attempting to break-in. This also allows the camera to charge in the sun while we are away, to elongate battery life. 

Before using the VOSKER V200, you’ll want to charge it for 24-48 hours so the battery is full. You’ll also want to download the VOSKER app, which is simple and user-friendly. One of our favorite parts of this app addition is that it allows you to view your photos at any point in time and set up your camera from anywhere. It also sends you custom notifications whenever activity is detected, so you can be sure your van is safely monitored.

monitoring security system - - vosker v200

Beyond the camera’s incredible function for vanlife, it is also perfect for an off-grid cabin, or other tiny homes. With an IP65 certified weather-resistant design, this system can be set up outside and withstand the natural elements, while still keeping your property safe. 

Using our new security system

The VOSKER V200 can be charged one of two ways, either through a USB port or via the built-in solar panel. We’ve found that by leaving it on the dash, it serves as a warning for any curious trouble makers and also charges in the sun at the same time. When we’re driving, we simply move it to a flat and safe surface or store it in our charging port in the back of the van.

camera on van dash - vosker v200

Something that particularly makes this monitoring camera system stand out is that it is the only option that works on LTE and doesn’t require Wifi. This makes the VOSKER V200 more reliable and relevant to vanlife, still serving its purpose even when you’re far down a dirt road. 

Since the camera works on LTE, it does require a plan. The VOSKER V200 comes with a free mobile security plan, complete with 100 photos per month, which is a great option. However, for further security, consider upgrading to one of these three plans:

  • Basic: 500 photos – $10/month
  • Alerted: 1000 photos – $15/month
  • Unlimited: unlimited photos – $20/month (free trial available)

With various plans available, optimal storage space, and multiple ways of charging, this camera is the perfect upgrade for any van, cabin, or home in general. Beyond just security, monitoring systems are great if you have fur buddies! Having a camera system allows you to feel more confident when running into the grocery store or grabbing a bite to eat, knowing you can check on your dog, cat, or other animals in your van at any point. Even if they are asleep when you leave the van, you can set up custom settings to alert you when the camera senses motion, notifying you that your pet is now awake.

man holding vosker v200 monitoring system

Additional Accessories

Like all good things in life, the VOSKER V200 comes with various accessories you can pair with the camera system to boost its functionality. One of the most notable accessories VOSKER offers is an external long-range cellular antenna, which essentially allows you to boost your LTE service to your camera if you are far off the beaten path. This is perfect for back road camping and off-grid cabins!

If you choose to set up your security camera outside, there’s also an additional security box you can store the camera in. This box is made of heavy-duty steel, which further protects the camera from issues with weather, theft, or even damage from animals. 

Would we recommend it?

Having a monitoring system for your van is extremely valuable. We don’t have to stress as much when leaving our van for short or long periods of time, and particularly are grateful to have accessibility to check on it at all times. The quality of photos and video are high, enough to easily recognize faces or monitor animals. 

At the price of USD $349.99, this camera is an investment. We’d particularly recommend this upgrade if you are full-time in the van, storing your van somewhere for periods of time, or if you have animals on the road with you. Having a monitoring system is always great, but is definitely more important in particular situations, such as these.

Protect yourself today and use promo code GOVAN2020 for 10% off (purchase must be at least $100). 

In collaboration with VOSKER