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Never miss the opportunity to take a trip to Vermont!

With its proximity to Quebec and its wide-open spaces, Vermont is high on our list of the best destinations for a quick and memorable getaway. While the famous city of Burlington is already a favorite of our team, there’s so much more to discover in the Green Mountain State!

road trip vermont

Good food with farm-to-table

As vanlifers, one of the things we love to do is discover and encourage small, local producers. While farm-to-table is a well-established habit among Vermonters, it’s almost impossible to hit the road without passing a farm stand with fresh produce.

Vegetables, berries, organic meat, eggs, milk, chees, bread… There’s everything you need to eat like royalty. If you have some time to spare, some farms open their doors and offer free visits of their land. In any situation, don’t hesitate to ask once you’re there! That’s how we had the chance to tour Shakey Ground Farm with Joe, one of the farmers there.

Joe Shakey Ground Farm Vermonthomme avec un chapeau dans une serre

It’s crazy to discover where the food we eat comes from and to realize all the time and work that goes behind the harvest or the production of local products. During our road trip, we visited Werner Tree Farm, a family Christmas tree farm that also produces honey and maple syrup. 

Did you know that a Christmas tree takes 5 years to begin its real growth, and then needs to be pruned each year to its conical shape? In addition to keeping the trees thriving, Amanda and William Werner, the youngest generation of the family business, are working to make their operation greener. They added Shropshire sheep as an organic, low-impact method of weed and grass control and the farm is now solar powered.

werner tree farm - road trip vermontmère et fils devant maison de ferme

Vermonters are truly connected with their producers and we love being able to enjoy it. If you’re going to check it out, here are some farm stands to try and stock up on: Shakey Ground Farm, Sweet Roots Farm, Philo Ridge Farm, New Village Farm, Common Roots, and Adams Berry Farm.

mom and son on farm - road trip vermont

Enjoy the lakes and mountains

Vermont is truly about mountains and the outdoors! It’s a real gem for vanlifers looking for wide-open spaces to spend a few days in nature. Bring your kayaks, paddleboards, bikes, and hiking boots to enjoy the lakes, trails, and country roads.

On our road trip to Vermont, we spent the night in Button Bay Provincial Park. Our site just steps away from the water gave us an incredible view of Lake Champlain. The park also offers many water and outdoor activities for all ages.

sprinter vans in button bay state parkebutton bay state park camping

We also spent some time enjoying a view of the Adirondacks from the top of Mount Philo. This park was the very first official Vermont State Park in 1924. Today, it’s possible to drive to the top, but we prefer to get our legs moving and take the short hike that is perfect for a family day. With its Green Mountain State nickname, no wonder Vermont is full of trails for hikers. It’s all up to you to discover them!

père et fils mount philo - road trip vermontrandonneurs mount philo

Discovering the smaller towns

Of course, every time we go on a road trip to Vermont, we fall in love with the style and architecture of small towns and villages. They have such a charming feel and you can always find small businesses that are worth a visit.

We took the opportunity of our time in Vergennes to get a taste of Lulu’s ice cream! Choosing among their incredible flavors was not an easy task, but we can confirm that their cookies and cream ice cream with homemade Oreo cookies is absolutely delicious! To enjoy Vergennes a bit longer, try stopping by Vergennes Laundry for lunch, then picking up something to quench your thirst at Hired Hand Brewing or Shacksbury Cider before enjoying sitting down in front of Vergennes Falls.

sprinter van and vergennes post officewoman in front of vergennes falls - road trip vermont

The small town of Middlebury is just as adorable. After a coffee stop at little seed COFFEE ROASTERS to fill up on iced coffees, we took some time to stroll the streets in town to discover the Stone Mill Public Market and Haymaker Bun Company. The next time we go back, we’ll definitely walk the Trail Around Middlebury, a path of more than 18 miles divided into several sections around town that connect several Middlebury landmarks.

family in middlebury vermont

When you go on a road trip to Vermont, you always feel a bit at home. The roads are beautiful, the beer is good, the food is delicious and the people are caring and welcoming. The residents are always so happy to welcome us and take the time to show us their part of the country. Honestly, even after many visits, we are still as impatient to discover it!

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