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“When I found out my girlfriend tested positive for COVID-19, we knew she’d need the house to herself to quarantine,” said van owner and part-time van lifer Marshall Mosher.

Marshall is part of the growing van life travel community boasting a whopping 6.9 million tags on Instagram. It’s likely you have seen or heard the tale of #vanlife at some point. Nomadic people who move their lives into a van, taking their work on the road and living a minimalistic existence often going where adventure calls them. Part-time van lifers or weekend warriors as they are often referred to straddle two worlds. They use their vans to fuel adventure and nurture their nomadic spirits on the weekends.

red van girl and pup - van life travel

Photo credit: Marshall Mosher of @marshallmosher

Mosher, an Atlanta resident, often runs his business, Vestigo, and his podcast out of his VanDOit adventure van, between paddling whitewater runs and paragliding. He continued…

I was able to utilize the van as a mobile quarantine pod on wheels, a safe space to quarantine and work remotely away from others and my girlfriend, but close to home. Since I can camp just about anywhere, I’ve found amazing spots next to my favorite rivers and prettiest mountains completely isolated. I can unwind from a hard day of work with some whitewater kayaking, paragliding or mountain biking that can now be right in my back yard. After 2 weeks, my girlfriend has fortunately made a full recovery and just tested negative!”

man in rear camper van - van life travel

Photo credit: Marshall Mosher of @marshallmosher

With rumors of changes to our everyday lives, many are questioning how safe and sanitary travel will be once coronavirus has passed.

There is no doubt people are starting to consider alternative ways in which they can still travel while being safe and mindful of themselves and others. A report released by the US Travel Association found that travelers now feel safest in their personal vehicles and least safe on cruise ships and international flights.

man dog and van by beach - van life travel

Photo credit: Thurston Willis of @thurztin

Many in the van life community have already found the answer to every future travel dilemma as physical distancing is a pretty normal part of everyday life and often why they chose van life in the first place. Van owner Thurston Willis runs a ski shop during the winter months and travels in his van the rest of the year said:

I’ve put a lot of thought into how Coronavirus will affect my future travels and how society will adjust to the ever-changing guidelines. It’s inevitable that businesses and individuals will be more cautious moving forward during the upcoming months when it comes to travel, health, social distancing, and work. I can’t think of a better way to be safe and more self-sufficient than to travel in my van. With high hopes of improvement, I can’t wait to isolate myself in my van across the country this summer. Everything I need is under one roof and couldn’t be happier moving forward!

Photo Credit: Thurston Willis of @thurztin

Van Life provides a safe and controlled living environment that’s being sought after now more than ever.

Van life allows you to be self-sufficient and gives you the ability to control your environment while traveling. It allows you to travel smarter while still sleeping in your own bed, cooking in your own kitchen, dwelling in your own space, adventuring on your own terms. It gives you the freedom you crave, binds you to nowhere while controlling what germs you are exposed to.

white ford transit camper van - van life travel

Photo credit: Rhylee Gerber of @thelifeofrhylee

Life on the open road is nothing new to me, says Rhylee Gerber, star of Bravo’s Below Deck, recently bought a Ford Transit van and is in the process on renovating it.

In a time when the whole world is at a standstill and nervous about our future, to put forth any money towards a new van purchase was a huge decision. Ultimately, it felt right for me as it’s a lifestyle. Once this coronavirus is over, I’ll be able to continue to invest in my future by filling my life with more incredible experiences that stand to leave even my past self-jealous. Van life doesn’t just afford me the freedom to live and be wherever it is I choose to be in that moment, it also keeps me grounded by allowing me to reconnect with myself and with nature and really take time to appreciate the things in life that matter most. After COVID is over and we can travel freely once more, I’ll continue to work remotely and focus on creating more time on the open road. I’m creating a life that better predicts my future and without always knowing where I’m going, I end up always glad that I came.”

Photo credit: Rhylee Gerber of @thelifeofrhylee

At some point, the travel industry will recover and a “new normal” will blossom.

But until then, Van Life provides a great opportunity to keep families and individuals safe while still being able to pursue adventure, experience nature, and stay active Who knows, perhaps the long-forgotten art of the road trip will once again become the “new norm” for travel.

Text and photos provided by Kaylee Kline. Follow her online at @kaymkline!